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Christmas gifts: Practical gifts for the whole family for under £20

Sophie Lawrence 14th Dec 2017 One Comment

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We all love getting Christmas gifts, but most of us also want practical gifts we can actually use! There’s nothing worse than the dreaded Christmas snow globe that looks lovely but ultimately just ends up gathering dust on a shelf.

Useful gifts can range from clothes, cash (or gift vouchers), bed linen, towels, power tools, electric toothbrushes and kitchen utensils – there’s a massive list out there.

The best gifts to get people are durable, practical things, particularly those that will improve their health or help them save money.

Here at MoneyMagpie, we believe that you can get fab and useful gifts even on a budget! So here are some practical gift ideas:


Improve your health and Wellbeing

Dual Foot Massager – £9.99

Dual Foot Massager

Everyone loves a good foot massage, especially as it stimulates pressure points on the feet, which can release good hormones to different parts of the body, for example, the brain, the heart and the stomach. You wouldn’t think it, but each little part of the foot links to a part of the body. This Dual Foot Massager will work to reach those different areas and give you an all over feeling of relaxation and calm. For that loved one who is always on their feet.

Super Food Vegetable seed Growing Kit – £16.95

Superfood Seed Growing Kit

Help them start off their new years health kick in style with this DIY super food growing kit! A fresh and nourishing mix of ‘superveg’ super-charged with chia seeds and goji berries with recipes to inspire.

The Supergrowers Superveg Kit includes: Pack of Chia Seeds, Pack of Goji Berries, Fully illustrated sowing instructions including sowing, growing on, sowing outside and uses, Vegetarian / Vegan Recipe Book, High Quality Seeds: Beetroot, Cauliflower, Kale & Spinach, Mini- Greenhouse (Propagator), 10 x compost growing discs, 6 x wooden plant markers and 1 x pencil

Jawbone UP2 Sleep and Activity Tracker – £17.99

Jawbone UP2 Sleep and Activity Tracker

This nifty sleep and activity tracker encourages you to make informed healthy choices. It’s sleep tracker tracks your sleep automatically, measuring Awake, Light and Sound sleep, and gives you tips to help you get a better night’s rest, one night at a time. And the activity tracker tracks how much you’re walking and moving helps you to understand the right calorie burn for you to maintain or lose weight.


Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock – £12.99

Shake n Wake Silent Alarm

When you’ve got to get up early, you tend to set the alarm to help you. The only problem is, your partner doesn’t need to be up that early and you always manage to wake them up! The Shake ‘n’ Wake Silent Alarm will vibrate to wake you leaving your partner to snooze. This is very important for your mental health, nobody likes a grumpy other half!

Froot Infusion Bottle Watermelon – £8.99

Froot Infusion Water Bottle - Watermelon Design

Friend or family member who needs to hydrate? Infuse their daily water with delicious fruit the easy way with the Froot Infusion bottle. The watermelon-inspired bottle is crafted from BPA-free plastic and features a piston for filling with their favourite fruit, cucumber and even herb such as mint and basil. Top with water and seal with the leak free silicone seal for instant fruity hydration.


Christmas Gifts For women

Hot Boots – £14.99

Hot Boots

Kick back and relax after a long day with these irresistibly soft and toasty Hot Boots. Simply pop the boots into the microwave, slip them on and enjoy the warmth and soothing lavender aroma. These cosy cream slippers are ideal for those frosty mornings or snuggly nights in front of the tv.

Black iBed – £9.99


The Black iBed will allow you to use your iPad in bed, on the sofa, on a plane and much more. Filled with microbeads for added comfort, the tray features a slot to place your tablet, and boasts a non-slip surface, so you can place drinks and plates on it too. Functional and stylish, it’s the perfect gift for any iPad owner.

Eyezone Massager -£9.99

Eyezone Massager

The ‘Eyezone Massager’ as the name suggests, combines massage therapy, pinhole therapy and magnetic therapy in one clever little massager, perfect for helping mum relax after a long week.

Beauty Junky Passport and Ticket Holder – £7.99

Beauty Junky Passport Wallet

For the woman who loves to travel! With inner dividers you can store tickets, passport and money and keep it safe on your travels. from the elastic strap provided. Especially great gift idea for young adults planning a gap year of travelling.

Mug Crumbles – £7.99

Mug Crumbles Book

What could be better than a nice warm fruit crumble and custard? This book has over 30 recipes of delicious crumbles that can each be made in less than 5 minutes! Recipes in the book include classics like apple crumble, rhubarb and strawberry to more extravagant flavours such as rum & raisin and pear & chestnut. A great gift for someone with a sweet tooth who would love making crumbles for one (or more).

Personalised Rose Make Up Bag – £12.99

Personalised Rose Makeup Bag

For the woman in your life who is always loosing track of her make up. This lovely make-up bag features a pink rose flower design, intertwined with green leaves upon a white background and a black interior.The front of the bag can be personalised with the recipients name of up to 12 characters which appears in pink font, creating a unique gift just for her!


Christmas Gifts for men

Game Of Thrones Tyrion Quote T-Shirt – £4.99

Game Of Thrones T-shirt

This Game of Thrones T-shirt comes in 6 different colours and sizes S to XXL.

Men’s Eight Piece Premium Beard Care Grooming Set – £20

Not sure on what to get that male loved one this Christmas? This Mo Bro’s XL 8 Piece Grooming Kit is perfect for anyone just starting out with a beard or an experienced bearded man. It contains all of the essentials including Beard Soap to condition and clean, as well as Beard Oil to stop any irritation.

Credit Card Power Bank – £8.99

Credit Card Power Bank

Never again get caught out with low battery when you’re nowhere near a charger. This power bank fits into credit cards slots in wallets and purses and charges a phone on the go!

Smartphone Screen Magnifier – £6.99

Smart Phone Screen Magnifier

The Smartphone Screen Magnifier allows images on your phone to be amplified through its large magnifying frame. The magnifier provides a solution for anyone who experiences eye strain or who is visually impaired, or anyone who prefers a bigger view!

Simply align the smartphone to the base of the device, make yourself comfortable and view your photos, videos and movies with a clearer, crisper view.

Erasable Memo Pad with 4 Port USB -£9.99

Erasable Memo Pad

What man doesn’t love a good tech gift. The Erasable Memo Pad is a clever mix of two desk based gadgets, an ultra-modern memo-pad and 4 USB ports. This is sure to be useful and means they can throw away all those wasteful paper notepads.

Whisky Stones Ice Cubes (8 pcs) – £9.99

Whiskey Stones - Metal Ice Cubes

Never again let your drinks be diluted by melted ice cubes! These food-grade stainless steel liquid-filled cubes are non-diluting, reusable alternatives to ice cubes! You just need to hold the cubes under running water to make them slightly damp and keep them in the freezer for a period of 1-2 hours. If the guy love a crisp cold drink, he’ll love these.


Christmas Gifts for Teens

Vizor Pro – Virtual Reality Headset – £15.99

Vizor Pro Virtual Reality Headset

The reality is that Virtual Reality has become easy and affordable. Now you can experience incredible immersions like scuba diving or riding a roller coaster without ever taking off your slippers! Just slip your smartphone in the headset, pop it on your noggin’, and as easy as that you can enjoy 360 degree views of the Amazon, watch 3D movies, or if you’re feeling competitive, you can even play fantastic augmented reality games like the smash hit Pokemon Go by simply removing the front panel of the headset.

Star Projection Alarm Clock and Relaxation Sound Machine – £19.99

Star Projection Alarm Clock

This really cool alarm clock will turn your child’s bedroom into a cosmic wonderland and help them sleep. The Star Projector Relaxation Sound Machine projects a gentle image of stars onto the bedroom ceiling, and also has a choice of ten soothing sounds including bird song, ocean waves brook, summer night, rain and dawn. And when they’ve slept through a blissful night, this handy gadget will also ensure they wake up in time for school, as it is also a fully functioning alarm clock!

iMusic Speaker Pillow – £13.99

iMusic Speaker Pillow

This is a deeply relaxing way for anyone to fall asleep, and at the end of those 40 winks you can also make sure your alarm wakes you up with a blast of something awesome, delivered straight to their pillow. Perfect for that young music lover.

Powerbank – £9.99


How often does your teenager unexpectedly arrive home late only to make the excuse that their phone ran out of battery? Too often we would guess. This is where the Power Bank comes in handy. Give your teen an extra life line so never again can they make the excuse that their phone died. Simply power up any phone and cable, as well as other devices, using the USB attachments. And it’s small enough to fit in a pocket!



Christmas Gifts for kids

Bubble Bath Machine – £14.99

Bubble Bath Machine

Make bath time fun with this amazing bath bubble machine!

Ani-Mate Mini Movie Maker Kit – £10.99

Ani-Mate Mini Movie Maker Kit

If you know a budding Tim Burton, or keen story-teller, this is the most perfect Christmas gift. Create quirky little movies with a phone and this ingenious Mini Movie Maker Kit. It includes modelling clay, modelling tools and googly eyes to make their own kooky characters, and backdrops so that they can enact any scenarios they can imagine.

Build an Electric Stunt Buggy – £9.99

Build Your Own Electric Stunt Buggy

Everything you need, and more importantly, glue-free, to easily build a nippy electric buggy capable of performing show stopping wheelies. Each wooden piece just slots together, add the mechanical and the electrical parts, decorate using the funky stickers provided and now your ready to watch your buggy pulling wheelies as it zips around your living room.

Shake ‘n’ Make Ice Cream Maker – £12.99

Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker

This hand ice cream maker is simple to use and super quick! May a single portion of ice cream in 4 minutes! Just pop some salt and ice into the tub, replace the aluminium alloy inner cone and your ingredients. Once the lid is on, just shake for a few minutes and you’re done! The Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker is superb for children or adults and recipe ideas are included with the instructions.

Creepy Crawly Challenge – £8.99

Creepy Crawly Challenge Game

Dare you take the Creepy Crawly Challenge? Flick the spinner and make your choice, what gummy bug will you pick, a tasty treat or an icky mistake? Spiders, maggots, cockroaches – all manner of creepy crawlies, some taste nice, others not so nice! The only way to find out is to take a bite!

Unicorn Charm Jewellery Making Kit – £9.99

Unicorn Charm Jewellery Making Kit

Suitable for ages 4+, this set enables you to thread together beautiful charms and sparkling beads to create over 10 pieces of unicorn inspired jewellery. You and your little one have a huge amount of high quality metal, enamel charms and beads to choose from and there are detailed step by step instructions included that show you how to make bracelets and necklaces that your little one is sure to love and want to share with friends!



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Some great ideas here.

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