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Mar 10

Get Vegetable Boxes for Only £1.50

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With the world tightening its spending belt and many of us trying to be more environmentally aware, food waste really is intolerable. It is a great time to see which supermarkets rise to the challenge. Budget supermarket Lidl are offering Too Good To Waste boxes for only £1.50.

I got my first box this week and can say, hand on heart, it is an absolute bargain. Every box has different things in so you can pick one with more of the things you like and normally buy. My personal one had oranges, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, butternut squash, bananas and a bag of sprouts. Other boxes include everything from potatoes to aubergines and the produce is perfectly fresh and delicious, but would otherwise have been thrown out.

The cost of the produce, had I bought them seperately would have been oveer triple what I paid and the ingredients are just as good as the ones out of the boxes.

So for just £1.50 for a 5kg box, you can find these boxes by the checkout area of Lidl.

What if fresh stuff goes off too fast?

Many of us often have great intentions with fruit and veg but often aren’t home enough to actually eat them. What I recommend for you is roasting them in different spices and then freezing the ready-prepped veg. Then you have delicious sides ready prepared to save on time. These roast veggies are also fantastic added to stock for an instant homemade soup.

Do More to Stop food waste by signing our petition

If food waste is a subject you feel passionately about, then also check out our Freeganism campaign. We aim to urge the government to legalise the act of taking discarded food, and not make it punishable by law. We explain much more about it in the article here.


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1 month ago

I do use Lidl but I’ve never seen these £1.50 veggie boxes, by the tills or otherwise! I shop at different times of the day too so maybe whatever times they put out the boxes they must disappear in minutes!

1 month ago

Roasting the veggies you haven’t been able to use up that week is a good idea, and popping them into the freezer and even adding them to soups is another good idea, both of which I will be using this christmas I’m sure!! Thank you for the tip!

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