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Get your wardrobe sorted for the summer

Jasmine Birtles 1st May 2017 One Comment

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It’s that time of year when I’m agonising over whether to switch my winter and summer clothes over now or wait until June. I always get it wrong! Just when you think the cold weather’s gone it comes back with a vengeance!

Anyway, one thing I will be doing is at least getting the clothes sorted… boy do they need it!

Which is why I was pleased to get a press release about a new book by Carolyn Schneider about how to do it.

She’s an expert bargain shopper and author of ‘The Fifth Edition of The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store Guide’. She offers the following tips on how to efficiently clean your cupboards.

Separate Your Clothing Into Four Categories:

decluttering categories, sell, donate, fix and keep

Category 1

To sell to a second-hand shop. Is the item classic, a high-end brand, and in great shape?

Category 2

To donate to a charity shop. Is the clothing older, or from a less well-known brand?

Category 3

To reconstruct. Do you love the fabric, colour, or pattern? Do you enjoy making things, and/or having one-of-a-kind pieces?

Category 4

To keep. Some clothes are timeless staples or have emotional attachment, and belong in your cupboard for good.


Organise Your Cupboard by Seasons

Clothes organised by season

this will make year-round cleaning easier. It will also give you a better sense of what you need to shop for, and what you may have too much of–in which case, see steps 1-3 above


Know What to Sell for Maximum Profit

girl using laptop surrounded by clothes to sell

When choosing items to sell, designer labels will reap most profit. Items for selling have to be cleaned, pressed, on hangers, and no more than two years old.


Learn How to Give and Receive

Donation box of clothes

When donating to charity shops, put the items you are donating into large plastic bags. At the store, make sure you ‘Gift Aid’ it so that the charity gets the maximum return.


Keep an Inventory List of Items you Would Like to Sell and Donate

Personal Stylist/Shopper

Getting your different clothing to its new home may not happen all at once. Keep a running list to stay organised, and so you are not cleaning them back out of your closet next spring.


Recycle with Style

Denim recycle sign

Don’t throw out those ripped jeans, turn them into a new and unique handbag! Reduce waste, save money, and update your style by creating new pieces with old clothing. Browse Pinterest or DIY blogs for ideas and directions.

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5 years ago

Some great tips for sorting your clothes ready for the summer.

Jasmine Birtles

Your money-making expert. Financial journalist, TV and radio personality.

Jasmine Birtles

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