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Is There A Way to Get Anything You Need Cheaper?

Vicky Parry 21st Nov 2022 No Comments

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This is a paid post on behalf of Bargain Hunter UK

Bargain Hunter App  – ‘The Instagram of Bargains’ 

At the moment we are all watching the pennies, and it has become second nature to start looking for the best deals around. My friends and I even share a WhatsApp group in which we show each other weekly bargains: this little fun share has saved me and my close pals a fortune but let’s face it, five women chatting ain’t gonna bring in the major savings.  

If only there were somewhere that did all the legwork for us and found all the best deals: imagine what we could save then?  



Bargain Hunter

Founder Tamim Mezher

Started by bargain-lover Tamim Mezher, Bargain Hunter App does exactly what the name implies. Fed up with feeling ripped off and describing “that kick in the gut feeling of parting with your hard-earned cash, then realising that it was cheaper elsewhere,” the two men endeavoured to create a product that offered up to date, cheap options of what you need.  



The App is FREE to download and has over 100 offers uploaded a day, and they offer average user savings up to 70% on RRP. It is also very simple to use.  

Bargain Hunter are always looking for a way to save money while shopping online, and the app provides users with a list of discounts and deals from their favourite stores – as well as coupons that can be redeemed at checkout or used in store: everything from baby to fashion to home and garden products. Shopping becomes more fun because you know you’re getting a great deal on something you really wanted or needed. 

The app is available on both IOS and Android platforms, you can download the app for FREE from bargainhunterapp.com.



Once you’ve downloaded the Bargain Hunter App from the app store, it’s so easy to use. We were searching for a few bargains on some items, and the simple welcome screen divides items into tabs along the top of the screen. Bargain Hunter has hundreds of updates daily, so the newest deals and bargains are up to date. Discounted products, coupons, promo codes and every single way to make money are displayed on each item.

bargain hunter app

Immediately you can begin searching keywords like Amazon Devices, Arts and Crafts, or Books. From there, you can go to each section and see what the latest deals are. The app will make some suggestions as to what offers you might be keen to see, and this may interest you, but add some keywords into the search bar if you’re after something specific. If there are deals in those categories, the app will show them to you. 


The first tab lists all the latest deals from the app, including huge discounts on brand names like Nike, Amazon Basics and Sony, with special introductory voucher codes that give you sizeable chunks of money off these products. So that may tempt you in to start.


The app lists its other available categories along the top of the screen, from Electronics and Fashion to Home & Garden, Toys & Games, Groceries and everything in between.

The Electronics tab is a great way to browse gadgets you’re looking for great deals on, like Alexa, tablets and headphones, laptops and other items that are likely to cost you more elsewhere: Bargain Hunter has done the work for you when it comes to tracking down the latest bargains. You’ll see under each item how much you’ve saved on the RRP by using the app. Each item also has tabs underneath with tags that help further narrow your hunt for similar items if they’re available.

You can use the search bar to narrow your hunt, looking up anything you want and if it’s available, the offers will be listed below. Can’t find a category you’re looking for? Try the last tab, Other, which may have your chosen product. Clicking through to the items will take you to their corresponding website, where you’ll not only find your chosen bargain but may also find other deals to tempt you.


You can show the app where you’re located, and it will find available deals within your chosen area, if you want to narrow things down. This can make delivery (or collection if specified) a hell of a lot easier for you or for gifts for loved ones.


These special sections will list services in your area (if you specify where you are) that are offering special deals, and a full list of all discount vouchers you may have browsed in the Newest tab. If you’re looking specifically for hefty bargains, this is the section to keep checking.



bargain hunters app

As you browse the app, you can ‘heart’ any deals you’ve found app, for purchase later. Obviously last-minute deals and limited-time offers will disappear sooner than some items, so things can’t be stored up forever, but it’s a great way to round up what you’re looking for, and store everything in one place so you don’t forget.




The objective of the app is to save people money, especially in the Cost of Living crisis we now find ourselves in. Bargain Hunter App have a dedicated team constantly browsing for the latest offers. They also send a “Bargain Alert” Notification directly to the user’s device to alert them of any last minute deals. Featured in the ‘Must Have Shopping Apps’ in the Play Store. Ranked top in the top 20 Android apps by TechRadar.



We found the app easy to use, undoubtedly cheaper across the board, it really simplifies the shop comparison process, the simple layout looks like Instagram and the big photos made it fun to use. The way it displayed the deals meant I felt confident I was clicking the right things. I also loved the fact that local people had uploaded bargains they had found in my area, as it makes getting the best deal so easy. 

I will 100% be using this to do my Christmas shopping.


DisclaimerMoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.

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