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Lend and Tend – Get Access to a Garden for Free

Vicky Parry 18th Oct 2022 No Comments

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Lend and Tend is a voluntary run project which aims to connect like-minded people who want to share gardens. It’s a scheme for people without gardens and also for people who want to share their own garden.  

Registering your interest to share a garden is voluntary and doesn’t cost a fee (it’s voluntary donation-based) but it may take time for a Lender or Tender to become available in your area. 


If your garden is awaiting maintenance but you have no time to garden, or can’t/don’t want to garden, you can register for a ‘Patch-Match’ and you could be introduced to someone who’s eager to garden, but may not have their own.

There are people out there who might be keen love to work your garden, and the rules are very much your own: you let them know your availability, and you agree all the plans and preferences. You could even meet someone who’ll share the fruits of their labours.  


free garden

No garden? No problem! Get registered for a Patch-Match and you could find a garden owner near you who’s willing to Lend their garden space that’s going to waste. You’ll get time in a garden and all the benefits that gardening brings.  


As soon as Lend and Tend have seen you are interested in sharing your or someone else’s garden, your location details are added to their map. They’ll then post on social media about it and if you want to help, your Tweets and Facebook Posts will add to the campaign.  


Lend and Tend are based in London and spend a lot of time going to community events to spread the word, volunteering in gardens and speaking at events – but if you’re not in London and want to help out, you can do so in the following ways: 

  • Print out posters to put up in your local community’s cafes, libraries and places of interest. 
  • Knit a branded jumper. 
  • Help a neighbour without a computer with signing up.  
  • Write a blog; how you fell in or out of love with gardening. Or share garden advice. 
  • Collaborate on social media. 

More ideas and how to sign up and join in are HERE. 

If you are keen on starting Gardner’s but worried about cost, then check out our article here. 

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