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Make Sure To Use up all Stamps by Jan 2023

Vicky Parry 7th Feb 2022 No Comments

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As of this year, Royal Mail have announced a rollout of new stamps that will feature barcodes, to be included on all future stamps.

Every barcoded stamp will have a digital ‘twin’ connected by the Royal Mail App. The unique barcodes aim to make the system more effective, be more secure for customers, and create useful new future initiatives.

Definitive stamps currently feature the Queen’s face, and will now be joined by a barcode that matches the stamp colour, separated by a simulated perforation line. The new barcode will form an official part of the stamp and must not be removed if the stamp is to be valid.

The new barcoded stamps

Can we still use the old ones?

Non-barcoded stamps are to be be phased out but are still in use until 31 January 2023, by which time customers are encouraged to to use their non-barcoded stamps. If this proves impossible, non-barcoded stamps will be accepted as an exchange for the new barcoded version through Royal Mail’s ‘Swap Out’ scheme, which starts on 31 March 2022. Forms for this service will be available from local Customer Service Points & the Royal Mail website and their Customer Experience team. Customers can use a Freepost address to avoid any extra charge for the swap.

You can buy the new barcoded stamps on the Royal Mail Shop here.

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