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Post-Lockdown Savings: How to Find the Best Deals

Moneymagpie Team 24th Apr 2020 2 Comments

Reading Time: 5 minutes

What are you most looking forward to doing when lockdown is over? Getting a haircut? Meeting friends for a drink? Seeing a film? Post-lockdown savings are possible, even with so many things to do!

A month has passed since the UK was put into lockdown and everyone is missing the freedom that we previously took for granted. Missing out on the simple luxury of meeting a friend for coffee, or heading out for an evening is hard on us all, but at least we can look forward to them returning in due course.

There’s so many things to do and after being cooped up inside for weeks on end people are going to want to go out and embrace their new freedom. Unfortunately, right now we’re in such a financially hard time, most people aren’t going to have an abundance of cash to be able to spend. To save you from missing out altogether, this article will cover how to get discounts and where you can look for money-saving deals and freebies.

How to get discounts

Post-lockdown savings are easy to find

There are so many ways to find post-lockdown savings – try these options to save lots of cash!

Coupon Plugins

Coupon plugins are free and easily added to your browser. They search in the background for working promo codes and discounts whilst you shop and, if found, any will automatically be added to your basket. Try Honey, it works with massive brands and can find you savings on Amazon, Nike, Hotels.com, Asos, Currys PC World, and more. Whatever you’re shopping for, Honey will likely be able to get you a discount on it.


Cashback is a great way to make your shopping a little bit cheaper, QuidCo is partnered with over 4500 brands so on most purchases you should be able to earn a little cash back, making your shop that bit cheaper. Piggy is another site that offers cashback and vouchers for you to use. It’s well worth signing up for these sites to see what you can save.


If you’re going to be travelling around the country after lockdown, visiting friends and family, invest in a railcard. They cost you between £20-£30 annually but save you a third on all travel so over a year’s period, will save you vast amounts.

If you can, book train tickets in advance for cheaper fares. Also, aim to travel at off-peak times if you can, booking a set time train will usually make it cheaper than purchasing an open ticket.

Trainline is a great website to use for getting discounts on fares when booking in advance. Buy your tickets at least one week prior to travelling and you can save up to 60% on your fares. The trainline app now has the new feature SplitSave. It works by finding combinations of tickets that save you money, without having to make changes to your original journey, You simply just have to show different tickets at different stages of your journey.

When planning your trip, compare train costs with coaches, their tickets can often be a lot cheaper, but comparatively, the journey takes longer. If you have the extra time though it’s worth considering as it can save you cash.

Sign Up For Stuff

On most websites if you’re a new user or buyer they tempt you in by offering you a deal, like £10 off your first order, or similar. (Obviously, don’t be lured into buying something that you weren’t planning on in the first place!) But if you do need a product or service, it’s worth having a look around to see which sites will offer you a discount when you sign up with them.

Where To Find Money-Saving Deals

Get post-lockdown savings on everything from hairdressing to hotels

Are you looking for a day out or a manicure? There is an overwhelming number of websites claiming to offer discounts and freebies but where do you start? Depending what you’re looking for, there are a whole host of great sites where you can find really good deals.


No matter what product or service you’re looking for, you’re almost guaranteed to find it on Groupon, their site is packed with deals and they offer up to 70% off. They are also a good place to look for online shopping discount codes, they have promos for ASOS, Boots, Currys PC World, and Tesco, among others.

Also, they’re currently offering 20% extra off (of a value of up to £20) on your first purchase for new customers signing up with them.


VoucherCodes is another vast site like Groupon where you have thousands of deals to trawl through. There’s great discounts on food, holiday sites like Expedia, and lastminute.com, and big brands. You can also choose to opt in for a particular search and have these deals emailed directly to your inbox.

Days Out

365Tickets is a great place to search for discounts on days out. There’s great things for families and children to do with plenty of choice, from Tower Bridge, to Edinburgh Castle, to Thorpe Park. If you’re looking for somewhere new to take kids or just a fun day out for everyone this is a good place to start.


Roomertravel is a site that offers discounts of up to 74% off hotel rooms. It’s a marketplace for people with non-refundable hotel rooms to offer them to buyers at a discounted price and can be a great way to find a cheap hotel stay.

HotelTonight aggregates unsold rooms at higher-end hotels and gives you discounts of up to 70% off. If you don’t mind leaving booking things until the last minute you could save a little cash here.

Health and Beauty

Treatwell is a great place to start when looking for deals on health and beauty services and you can get reduced prices on haircuts to manicures, depending on the salon. VoucherCodes also offers additional discounts for Treatwell of up to 50% services.

Want more tips – or got some of your own?

If you know where to find the best post-lockdown deals, or want to know how to get free stuff, visit our new messageboard. Get involved, ask your burning questions – and answer other Magpies’ conundrums – and you could win a £25 Amazon voucher!

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4 years ago

Easy to earn money online in this fashion, but the amount we are talking are pennies. it will take long to earn a substantial amount.

4 years ago

Some good ideas here.

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