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Review: Levoit CLassic 36-Inch Tower Fan

Moneymagpie Team 8th Jan 2024 No Comments

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We all know that feeling in the summer when our back is wet and we can’t get comfortable.

In the U.K aircon isn’t as much as a norm as other countries, so while the temperatures don’t often soar to the excesses of our southern European cousins, we also don’t have the architecture or infrastructure to deal with it at all.

In recent years we have had record breaking highs, and the need to stay cool has got even greater. However this has coinsided with a cost-of-living crisis and there is also a huge amount of worry about the cost or aircon or leaving a fan on, so we are always looking for someting that is reasonable to run, quiet and actually functions well to cool us.

No-one can deny that we live in times when a fan in the house has become an essential item. We’re here to review a truly terrific fan that’s super affordable.

The Levoit Classic 36-inch tower fan is a really terrific fan with a remote control, which marks it above similar tower fans. During the heatwave last summer we needed something easy to use and discreet, and this fan sits comfortably in the corner but has a powerful fan for reaching right across the room; plus a wide area is covered with various speed settings, so you can easily switch it up and down if you get too hot or cold.

The fan also has these features:

Auto Mode Automatically adjusts fan speed based on room temperature.
Advanced Sleep Mode Display off from the start, auto-adjusting speeds and oscillating after 1 hour for a cool and tranquil night.
Turbo Mode Rapid cooling with 90-degree oscillation and automatic speed adjustments based on ambient temperature changes.

All of this means that you can fall asleep with it on but not worry about it whirring all night: another advantage over other models where you have to get up and switch it off. I should mention too that the fan is super quiet, so it’s barely noticeable on any of the settings, so again it’s very discreet and not obnoxious: it won’t compete with your TV or music and it’s even quite calming when everything else is muted!

Frankly, I wouldn’t be without this fan now: it’s made our house an easily-controllable, cool place in the summer.

The breakdown


£89.99 does slightly outprice the lower end of the budget market but is by far superior in quality to any we have tried. It is worth the extra bit.


Whilst quieter than most, you can hear it… It really isn’t much though.


This is by far the coolest none aircon unit we have tried and managed to keep us cool and comfortable day and night.

Distribution of coolness

The oscilation and lasting coolness was incredible.

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