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Save Money with a Home Spa Day

Jennifer Birtles 29th May 2020 2 Comments

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Spa days are notoriously costly days out! Some of the most basic treatments are priced around £20, but after a few treatments your spending can have easily accumulated to over £100 or more! Why not save yourself the extra cash and recreate a spa day at home for yourself, or even invite along a few friends, too. Your self-created spa will still do wonders to help you unwind and relax, and the effects may actually last rather than all your stress and anxieties returning at the sight of your bill for a professional spa!

In the current climate this could be a particularly nice idea. It’s a bonus in – and after – lockdown to be able to feel like you can escape to somewhere new and dedicating some time for yourself at home to help you relax and take a timeout from the world is always a good idea. Particularly right now when the constant news cycle is able to induce stress and anxieties. Indulging in a bit of self-care has never been a better idea!

Please bear in mind that social distancing rules still apply so it’ll be a home-hosted spa day with just your household members – unless you have a garden you can chill out in, of course!

Recreating Treatments at Home

Have a home spa day to destress

Purchasing an array of body scrubs and exfoliators is not always necessary as they are easy to make at home. There are loads of options to choose from depending on what you’re after, and what particular scents of flavours you want to use. A quick Google search will bring up loads of simple recipes for you to use. For the most part, they’re very inexpensive and are usually made from ingredients you already have in the cupboards. Think oils, sugars, salts, and even coffee grounds.

One of our favourites is the Good Housekeeping Hydrating Oat and Coconut Oil Scrub which combines oats, coconut oil, and honey leaving your skin feeling smoother and healthier.

Aside from body scrubs, there are a lot of other treatments you can recreate at home including hair and face masks, facials, and manicures and pedicures. Again, Google is your friend here and there are plenty of recipes to be found online. Another option is purchasing a few bits in your next shop. Face and sheet masks cost around £3 each so still massively cheaper than a day out at the spa! Pop into your local pound shop, too – you can often pick up beauty essentials for a teeny cost.

Even if you’re pushed for time and don’t have hours to spare on creating something luxurious, a simple bubble bath immediately gives you a relaxing spa-esque place to escape to for however long you can! Make it more luxurious with scented candles, bath oils, and some chilled music.

The Spa Atmosphere

Spas have a very distinctive atmosphere – the minute you walk into one you feel a sense of calm come over you. If you have the time and space though it is definitely worthwhile trying to recreate this atmosphere at home to fully embrace the feeling of having your own spa day. This may not be the easiest thing to attempt but these are the main things to consider.


Scent is a key part of a spa environment and triggers memories of similar relaxing experiences. If you have a particular smell you love, such as scented candles or burning essential oils, this will be the quickest and easiest way to start creating a sense of calm.


Dim lighting is reminiscent of a spa atmosphere. If you have dimming light switches – great. But if not, switch off the lights and strike up some candles which naturally create a relaxed vibe and appropriate mood.


Music will really help set the tone and send you off into relaxation. Spotify is a great place to search to find what will work for you. They have plenty of ready-made relaxation and meditation playlists as well. At the moment you can get a 3-month Spotify premium free trial which could be worth utilising so your calming mood isn’t interrupted by ads! YouTube is another useful place to find an abundance of playlists suited for relaxation and calm.

Another option is to check out apps such as NatureSpace, where you can select what relaxing sounds might be right for you from waterfalls and oceans to meadows. Or download Calm which has plenty of music designed to help you meditate and relax.

Remove Distractions

You won’t be able to fully relax if you’re still being distracted! Start by removing distractions, from noisy kids to your phone or tablet – none of these exude a sense of calm. So, whether you’ve got an hour or an afternoon, ringfence your me-time! Make it clear no distractions are allowed so you can stay stress-free.

Have fun with a cheap home spa day

Keep Hydrated

If you’re going all out why not fully commit and prepare the snacks and drinks for yourself that spas usually provide for you to graze on throughout your day. Infusing water is a quick and simple way to make your body feel refreshed. Things like citrus fruits, cucumber, and mint are all great to add and make it feel a bit special. You could go for the truly luxury experience and add some alcohol – champagne is a classic! Just make sure you alternate with water to avoid stressful headaches afterwards…

For some simple snacks, fruit platters are healthy and delicious. Or, try chopping crudites for hummus dip as a healthy alternative to crisps. Go the whole hog: prepare a few finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and treats to have your own afternoon tea!

More Money Making and Saving Ideas

If you enjoyed your home spa and recreated the experience successfully, why not take the idea to the next level and begin to make money from it? Check out our article about making money from homemade beauty treatments.

If you’re interested in finding more ways you can save money we have a whole section dedicated to useful tips and ideas on how to do so which you can check out here. While you’re at it, why not enter one of our competitions to be in with a chance of some excellent prizes and freebies?

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