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Scams are not just online

Jasmine Birtles 27th Feb 2015 No Comments

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There are so many online scams you could be forgiven for thinking that the offline scams have died a death.

Oh no. They’re still alive and well!

In fact, I just received one through the post yesterday.


Nigerian scam has become the Chinese scam

The letter, which had no ‘from’ address (there’s a clue) told me that a ‘Mr John Birtles’…my relative apparently..had died in China leaving me millions in his will.

In order to claim this money I had to contact the person writing (a Chinese name I can’t pronounce) or go to his website.

Lucky me!

Obviously I just ripped the letter up. But I can imagine that a very small number of people might be taken in by it.

So, again, I say that whether offline – someone coming to the door pretending to be a gas-man or policeman, letters in the post or a phonecall – or online, we have to be more and more wary.

Globalisation has meant that people all round the world can try and get our money off us and they’re using techniques that are both sophisticated and simple.



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Jasmine Birtles

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