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May 05

Tenants at risk of identity fraud

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Renters are the people most likely to have their identity stolen, according to a report by Experian.

Shared hallways and the general ease at which rental properties can be accessed mean that identity fraudsters are able to get their hands on personal information easily – imagine how much they could find out about you just by getting to your paper bank statement before you do?


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Tenants are also one of the highest using groups of mobile and online services, giving identity fraudsters a whole other avenue to get your personal information.

For the first time since the recession, identity theft is the most common form of fraud and one in six of those targeted are young tenants.



No matter who you are, however, it’s important to be aware of identity thieves – keep visiting our rip-off Britain blog to keep ahead of all the nasty scams out there.

You should also check out the ‘Know Fraud, No Fraud’ campaign set up by high street banks for more advice on how to keep your hard earned money safe.

Have you ever been affected by identity fraud? Got any advice? Let us know in the comments below.




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