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Vicky 19th Dec 2022 No Comments

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Which are the cheapest supermarkets to buy from this year?

Over a quarter (27%) of Brits are concerned about going into debt over the Christmas period, money.co.uk’s credit card statistics revealed. But when it comes to reducing the price of grocery bills, which supermarket charges the least for a traditional Christmas shop?

For people looking to save on their holiday shopping this year, money.co.uk sourced popular recipes, from roast turkey to Yorkshire puddings, and compared prices between UK supermarkets own brands to find which provided the best deals. The price gaps between supermarkets’ unbranded and luxury ranges were also analysed. This was in order to suggest the best ways for Brits to buy their Christmas dinner essentials.



Costing £66.48 to serve eight people, Aldi is the cheapest supermarket for Brits to buy Christmas foods like pigs in blankets, roasted turkey, yorkshire puddings and other popular holiday dishes. That’s two thirds (66%) the price of Sainsbury’s products, the most expensive supermarket for Christmas groceries, at £100.19. Specifically, Aldi is the most cost-effective chain to buy festive foods like a turkey (£27.23 for 5-6 kg), brussel sprouts (£1.09 for 1kg) and pigs in blankets (£2.63 for eight servings).

luxury items

For those interested in luxury items, products in Aldi’s specially selected line have a price increase of 74% on average. Aldi’s high-market bacon comes with the largest cost increase of 163%, from £2.27 for 16 rashers (unbranded) to £5.98.

Asda is the second best to save on Christmas groceries, with a price tag of £71.75 to serve eight people. The supermarket is the cheapest to get maris piper potatoes (£1.19 for 2kg). It is also the cheapest for other vegetables like red cabbage (£0.80 for 1kg). Asda products see the third highest average price increase on their luxury range at 89%, behind Morrisons (+99%) and Tesco (+109%).

Costing £72.91 in unbranded ingredients to serve eight people, Tesco ranks third. Affordable unbranded items mean customers pay 25% less than at Waitrose. However, Tesco’s items more than double (+109%) if you’re shopping in their luxury range. Christmas essentials like parsnips see a 578% rise from £0.59 to £4.00 for 600g in Tesco’s Finest range. 16 rashers of bacon rise by 177% from £2.94 to £8.13.


Where to shop for the cheapest Christmas groceries

Cheapest supermarket


What are your thoughts on the latest stats about the cheapest supermarkets? Let us know below!

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