Oct 26

You’re happier saving than spending

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Three times as many people are happier when saving money (11%) than spending it (4%) according to a survey we’ve just had in from the people at Freeview.

It’s nice to hear it again because it’s something I’ve been saying for years. Yes, of course, spending on some things here and there is fun – lots of things we have to spend on and we would be miserable without the ability to do so.

But psychologists keep telling us (and here is proof again) that actually, once we switch our thinking over to the benefits of saving, we’re genuinely happier not spending than when we’re spending.

Of course, it’s rather handy that this survey (and there will be many others) has come out now, asserting that people are happier not spending than spending, just when we’re all having to make cutbacks. Funny that! But it is still true. Having to cut back is not the terrible, life-threatening problem that so many would make it seem.

Other findings of the Freeview survey are (2010)

  • Brits plan cutbacks of nearly £200 each on average over next six months
  • Almost half the population (46%) will make budget cutbacks in next six months
  • Nearly three quarters of Brits (71%) are preparing a lifestyle change as age of austerity approaches
  • 6 out of 10 respondents (61%) are planning to cut back on Christmas costs with 40 per cent set to slash spending on presents
  • Nearly half the nation still believes that the best things in life are free (45%)

It’s true too. The best things are free. Check out our freebies section to find out!

I really think that we’re being given the chance to get our individual finances in order at the same time as most other people in the country which is a great help. It’s harder to cut back when you’re doing it on your own. When all your neighbours are having to do it it’s a lot easier because you don’t feel left out.

I don’t think this time of austerity will be as miserable as everyone says. In fact, I bet you a homemade  jam doughnut it’s going to be happier than the last decade. Seriously.


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I’m so much happier now than I was when I constantly overspent and was dipping in and out of my overdraft the whole time. So I think this research makes total sense!


If this is true then it must be best if you can spend money and save at the same time? I saved and spent at Partyman. I saved 20% by using the discount code ENTERTAINER but I bought my children a little treat as well.


Make Money and Save Money

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