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How to haggle on the high street and online

Reading Time: 8 mins You can find out how to haggle on the high street ... read more

Budget meals for students – A week of cheap fish recipes for £3.99

Reading Time: 4 mins What – cheap fish recipes? But isn’t fish expensive, even in ... read more

Foraging = Free food!

Reading Time: 4 mins Go foraging as soon as the leaves and berries are out ... read more

No Food Waste – Uses For Sour Milk

Reading Time: 2 mins Yes you CAN use milk that is just on the turn. ... read more

Valentine’s flowers: where to find the best bouquets

Reading Time: 4 mins Flowers make up almost two thirds of all Valentine spending in ... read more

Save money using the family’s power of bulk-buying

Reading Time: 7 mins There are lots of ways you can save money using the ... read more

Live on a chicken for a week

Reading Time: 6 mins A chicken is £2.78 in Tesco – and you can’t get ... read more

Save Money Make Your Own Muesli

Reading Time: 2 mins We’ve just read that the price of muesli has gone up ... read more

Cheap and yummy recipes – ingredients from the garden

Reading Time: 7 mins Why spend money when you can source delicious ingredients from your ... read more

Cheap make-up: our secrets revealed!

Reading Time: 8 mins Are you baffled by beauty products, confused by cosmetics and in ... read more

Lunch time savings: fun cheap lunch box ideas

Reading Time: 7 mins It costs an average of £5 a day to buy your ... read more

10 of the healthiest meals you can make cheaply

Reading Time: 13 mins Healthy AND cheap? Of course! The healthiest meals aren't all about ... read more

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