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Look Good for Less: (Fake) Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Katie Royals 19th Mar 2021 4 Comments

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Lockdown is slowing starting to ease and we’re might have reason to dress up and go out again soon. Don’t worry though – you don’t have to break the bank to look good. Fake diamonds can really be your – and your bank balance’s – best friend.

Here’s why cheap jewellery is a good idea.

  1. Fake Diamonds Save Money
  2. Fakes Are Just as Good as The Real Thing
  3. It’s Easier to Follow Trends
  4. You Can Buy More Fake Diamonds
  5. You Can Still Sell Fake Diamonds On

Fake Diamonds Save Money

Fake diamonds look good and save you money

This is a very obvious point. But, you will save money if you buy fake diamonds rather than the real thing.

It’s much easier to budget for a cheaper alternative to traditional diamonds, which means you may well be able to treat yourself more often. What’s not to love?

If you’re on a tight budget, but still like to look good, fake gemstone jewellery is the answer for you.

Fakes Are Just as Good as The Real Thing

Most of us can’t spot the difference between fake diamonds and the real thing – particularly if we’re looking from a distance. You need a specialist eye up close to tell the difference – and that means you don’t need to invest a lot to look good!

As long as it sparkles and you like it, does it really matter if it’s made with real jewels or not?

Nowadays, the designs are such that fake diamonds look very realistic. Many also replicate expensive jewellery – a bit like how ASOS and other fashion brands release cheap alternatives to popular designer outfits. No one questions why you’re wearing an ASOS outfit over an expensive designer – so why should it be any different with jewellery?

You’ll almost certainly get as many compliments on a fake diamond necklace than you would with the real thing. Plus – people will be very jealous of the price tag!

You also won’t have to worry about losing or damaging precious jewellery when you’re at a party. That fear alone can ruin a good night out! Save yourself the stress and wear fake diamond jewellery that looks just as good.

The only time fakes won’t be up to scratch is if you’re buying the jewellery as an investment. Obviously, fake diamonds don’t have the same appeal as real ones when it comes to value.

If you want to invest in diamonds, they have proven to be a very good investment in the past. From 1999 to 2011 three-carat diamonds increased 144.9% while five-carat diamonds increased 171.1%. Just make sure you buy the real thing!

It’s Easier to Follow Trends

Fashion trends are difficult to keep up with, they’re continually changing. All it takes is for one person to wear an item of jewellery in a viral Instagram post and suddenly everyone wants it.

If you’re always buying the real deal, you’re going to struggle to keep up with changing trends.

However, if you don’t mind owning cheaper alternatives, it’ll be much easier to also be on trend, whatever the latest style might be.

One day you might want big, chunky earrings, the next, it might be slim and subtle necklaces. Either way, if you know where to look and buy cheap – your jewellery box can be full with any options you might want.

You can also experiment a bit more and try out styles you’re not so sure about. If the jewellery isn’t going to break the bank, there’s less pressure if you end up only wearing a necklace a couple of times before deciding it isn’t really your taste.

You Can Buy More Fake Diamonds

Fake diamonds leave you more cash for other finery

It goes without saying, but fake diamonds and jewellery are far cheaper than their real counterparts.

If it’s quantity you’re going for, this means you can buy far more for the same price.

This also helps if you’re looking to treat someone you love. So many of us would love to treat a partner, friend or family member to a nice piece of jewellery but are put off by the large accompanying price tag.

If you look at cheaper alternatives, you’ll be able to buy these kind of presents more regularly and put a smile on your loved one’s faces.

The people you’re buying for probably won’t care if it’s the real deal or a cheaper alternative. They’ll just be touched by the kind gesture and will be excited to show off their new jewellery.

Shops like the Diamond Store and Goldsmiths both offer great cheap and pre-owned jewellery if you’re looking for a bargain.

You Can Still Sell Fake Diamonds On

Jewellery being fake doesn’t mean there’s no re-sale value. In fact, there’s quite a market for this jewellery on ebay and Depop.

Of course, you must be honest about the jewellery when you advertise it. Don’t claim the diamonds or jewels are real if they’re not.

But, many young and/or thrifty fashionistas will lap up your old jewellery, especially if you hold onto it for a while.

Fashion trends may change very regularly, but styles don’t stay out of favour forever. Even if it currently looks outdated and you wouldn’t be seen dead in your jewellery now, don’t throw it out.

After a few years it might be back in fashion or considered vintage. This means loads of people will want your old jewellery, so you may even be able to sell it on for a profit!

You can also buy pre-owned jewellery too, if you’re really looking for a bargain. Ebay and Depop are great starting points.

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1 year ago

Costume jewelry, which is sold on various sites, may well be a good alternative to real jewelry. In my opinion, high-quality fake diamonds look just as good as original ones and look great in combination with different styles. I have many earrings, rings and even bracelets with such stones, so I can confidently speak about the benefits of these products. Maybe fake diamonds don’t last as long as original stones, but they are much cheaper, so you can change jewelry much more often. For me, this is a big plus.

1 year ago

There are many of them in my collection! I love large jewellery with big sparkling gems that look like diamonds. They really cannot be distinguished from the real ones and no one will guess what kind of stones they really are! Fake diamonds are top! It’s great to have so many alternatives for less money

3 years ago

Thank you …We’ll remember ☺️

3 years ago

Oh ok, that’s really nice. I’ll check it out

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