Get free pastries, baguettes and other baked goods

Reading Time: 2 mins Baked goods can be some of the most satisfying, delicious foods on the planet. Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread, or a flaky pastry with their morning coffee? Well, if you love a warm, buttery baguette or pizza slice as much as we do, you are in luck! Wildfarmed … read more

Food Waste Action Week

Reading Time: 6 mins It’s Food Waste Action Week! Last year we launched a campaign with our founder and personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles to legalise Freeganism in the UK. You can sign our petition and help fight food waste here.  But it will take more than legalising Freeganism to stop food waste and help feed our nation. That’s … read more

15 Sectors Where Careers Will Always Be Available

Reading Time: 4 mins Choosing a career is an important decision that requires careful consideration. With the rapid pace of technological innovation and globalisation, the job market is constantly evolving. Some fields are more stable than others, offering long-term career opportunities. In this article, we will explore 15 fields and sectors where careers will always be available. Healthcare Information … read more

10 fun ways to make quick cash

Reading Time: 9 mins 10 fun ways to make quick cash  January feels like the longest month of the year for a multitude of reasons. Not only is it cold, dark and gloomy, but the weeks between pay checks seem to last a lifetime. Plus, many of us are still trying to recover from the financial blow of Christmas … read more

How to make money by running a pop-up restaurant in your home

Reading Time: 5 mins If you’re a whizz in the kitchen and love entertaining, you could be the perfect candidate to make some extra money by running a pop-up restaurant in your home. Ever thought about it? If not, here’s a basic guide to get you started: What is a pop-up restaurant? Why set one up? How to set … read more

How to make money by being a cuddler

Reading Time: 6 mins Enjoy showing your affection by smothering friends and family in hugs? Ever thought of converting your tactile generosity to cash by becoming a professional cuddler? Probably not. Well, we’re here to tell you that this is indeed a job description and one that may be worth investigating. Let’s take a look. What is a cuddler? … read more

Day 7

Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart. Washington Irving Win! A Rubik’s cube bundle. Enter here. Win! A Rubik’s cube bundle. Enter here.

Bar Work: Make Some Money On The Side

Reading Time: 6 mins Bar work is one of the most flexible jobs you can find to make money quickly. All you need is good English and basic maths. Plus, it can be a great way to forge yourself an entirely new career. Read on to find out how. What does a bartender job involve? What you need How … read more

Seasonal Jobs: MoneyMagpie’s Guide to Jobs This Christmas

Reading Time: 5 mins Seasonal Jobs. It’s that time of year when some of us hanker for a bit of extra money, but don’t quite know where to begin: either because you don’t know where the jobs are or there are just too many to decide on.   As of today (5 October) in London, employers have begun recruiting temporary … read more

Discussing food waste and feeding the nation with UK Harvest

Reading Time: 17 mins We recently hosted an Instagram Live, where Magpie Izzy sat down with Sarah Morison from food waste charity UK Harvest. They discussed the work UK Harvest do, how they help feed people across the UK and more! If you missed the live, don’t fear! You can watch it below. You can also read the transcript … read more

Our Full Round-Up Of The Charities Fighting to Feed Britain

Reading Time: 5 mins THE FELIX PROJECT & OTEHR UK-WIDE FOOD REDISTRIBUTION SERVICES  “4.7 million adults in London struggle to afford to eat every day.  2 million children are at risk of missing the next meal.   Meanwhile, our food industry generates 3 million tonnes of good, edible surplus food each year.”  The Felix Project   The Felix Project, a London-based … read more

Tips Bill Passed in Parliament Could Provide Crucial Cash Boost For Millions

Reading Time: 3 mins The passing of the tips bill in parliament this week could prove crucial to millions during cost of living crisis. So often those who work in the hospitality industry don’t get to see the tips awarded them, customers don’t know if they are just paying extra for their meal and there is so much uncertainty … read more

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