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Real Life Story: How to Make Money Selling Pics of Your Feet

21st Feb 2024

Sponsored post Last week I went for lunch with some school friends, normally one of us treats the others and we sort of take it in turns to foot the bill. This time we however decided to go Dutch. Times were hard and none of us felt the inclination to drop a few hundred pounds…

Save Money and Make Money Being Single

13th Feb 2024

Did you know that single households (those living alone) are the second most common type of household in the UK, accounting for almost 1 in 3 (30%) UK households in 2022. That’s 8.3 million households all together. One in three…who’d have thought? Certainly if you go to the supermarket or try to book a holiday…

Make money by listening to music

6th Feb 2024

Here at MoneyMagpie we like to share good news and the fact there are ways that you can make money by listening to music is definitely good news. Music is everywhere and part of our everyday lives. We listen while we work, play, drive, walk, exercise, clean, cook… you name it! These days we can…

How to Make Money Flipping Thrift Items

5th Feb 2024

If you’re looking to increase your cash inflow but you enjoy shopping a little too much, we might just have the perfect solution for you: flipping thrift items. We appreciate that flea markets and charity shops are not exactly as glamorous as London’s Oxford Street, yet the shopping experience can be even more rewarding when…

Make Money Spending Money with Quidco

8th Dec 2023

This post is sponsored by Quidco At this time of year particularly, purse strings are tight and we must all be on the lookout for bargains and money-saving hacks. So anyone that claims you can ‘make money by spending money’ should be approached cautiously, right? But that’s exactly what Quidco do: they offer cashback on…

How to make money currency trading

6th Dec 2023

Currency trading has never been easier. All you need is access to the internet, an appropriate brokerage account and you’re good to go! But just how easy it is to make money trading currency? And what are the risks to look out for? Keep on reading for all the details or click on a link…

Make Money From Cashback Sites This Christmas

27th Nov 2023

Cashback sites: Earn money for clicks.  We have been talking about cashback sites for years. Often a useful way to make some extra money, we are shocked by how many of our readers still don’t use them. One of our team uses them to do her full Christmas shop and the credit she uses to…

How to make money ironing

23rd Nov 2023

So, you want to spend your spare time ironing? Let’s just say, better you than us! Since that’s what most people think, there’s an extremely high demand for efficient ironing services that do quality work. People will rather pay extra to outsource their laundry than iron it themselves and that’s where you come in. If…

Make Money with online competitions

9th Nov 2023

 Online competitions are an easy way to earn money from home and win free prizes with very little effort. Making money online from the comfort of your home might sound like a dream come true, but it’s easier than you think. Online competitions are fast, fun and free to enter, and your chances of winning…

Make money from using less electricity

8th Nov 2023

We take a look at a new initiative called the National Grid Demand Flexibility Service, where energy companies will give you money back if you use less electricity during peak times.    How to register  Check with your energy provider and if they’re participating, they’ll let you know about the National Grid’s event days. It’s easy…

Ten ways to make money, while on the toilet!

7th Nov 2023

Yes, you read that headline correctly, you actually can make money on the toilet. Or anywhere else that you may spend a significant amount of time sat around! If you’re the sort of person who likes to take some reading material into the bathroom with you, then why not try to make money on the…

Sell vinyl records to make money

25th Oct 2023

Have you ever considered that you can sell vinyl records or even a full vinyl collection? Do you happen to to be a music lover and own an old vinyl collection? Did you inherit them or are they simply no longer of use? You may not own a record player anymore. This creates opportunity to…