Gilt funds: how to invest in them

Reading Time: 7 mins Gilt funds are an alternative way to invest in gilts (government bonds). It’s actually quite easy to invest in individual gilts as we showed here, but many people like to invest in funds of gilts. Funds can give you a good spread of different types of gilts in your portfolio but can also potentially cost you … read more

Brexit, what happens when you go abroad

Reading Time: 4 mins Brexit is supposed to happen on March 29th 2019 but so far we have no deal with the EU about how we are going to leave. If a deal is struck (and that’s not definite by any means at this stage) then both sides have agreed on a 21-month “transition” period that will start after the … read more

Finding assets: get back money you didn’t know you had!

Reading Time: 6 mins Although it may seem almost unthinkable to lose track of your cash, it’s a surprisingly common occurrence. Since everyone can do with discovering their own little ‘pot of gold’, we did some research to discover ways of claiming your forgotten funds. The good news is: finding assets is easier than you might think! Let’s take … read more

Are we heading for another financial crash?

Reading Time: 6 mins Are we heading for another financial crash? It’s the ten year anniversary of the big crash of 2007/2008 which started in this country with the fall of Northern Rock (starting August 9th 2007). Into 2008 it really hit the Western world with the USA and Iceland leading the fall with the UK, Ireland and most … read more

Brexit predictions one year on. How did I do with my crystal ball?

Reading Time: 9 mins Do you remember the Brexit predictions I made in this article last year? Take a look. We haven’t changed anything in that article since I wrote it. What I have done in the meantime, though, is put together a spending calculator with the guys at Comparethemarket.com to work out how much more (or less) we … read more

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