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Pension vs ISA: Which Is Better?

1st Feb 2022

Most people aim to enjoy their retirement after decades of hard work preparing for it. Unfortunately though, the current state pension only provides a yearly income of £9,110.40. Making it essential to have additional retirement plans in place to continue to live a similar quality of life into your retirement. You can check your state…

What Is an IFISA and How Does It Beat a Cash ISA?

1st Feb 2022

Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISA) quietly hit the market a few years ago – but what are they, and could they beat the returns you get in your cash ISA? From the basic concept to the potential returns, here’s everything you need to know about investing in an IFISA. What is an IFISA? Is your money…

What’s the difference between passive and managed funds?

20th Jan 2022

We hear all about all sorts of funds that we could be putting our money into. It can seem confusing, particularly when you have to ask yourself what the difference is between passive and managed funds. Hunting for little-known companies that look set to be the next big thing (and make you buckets of cash…

Investing in gold and other money metals

24th Dec 2021

Ever considered investing in gold or the money metals? In this episode of the How To Be A Money Magpie podcast, founder Jasmine Birtles is joined by Karina Hicks from The Royal Mint to look at easy and safe ways to invest in gold and the other money metals. Listen to the podcast below, or…

Should you have a pension or LISA?

22nd Dec 2021

Wondering whether to get a pension or a LISA? We recently collaborated with leading pension provider PensionBee to bring you six podcasts all about pensions. These podcasts cover the basics as well as looking in depth into different types of pensions. In this episode of the How To Be A Money Magpie podcast, founder Jasmine Birtles is…

Most popular funds, shares and investment trusts of 2021

16th Dec 2021

What were the most popular funds, shares and investment trusts of 2021 according to three of the main investment platforms? I asked AJ Bell and Hargreaves Lansdown which investments were the most popular among their users and got some pretty similar answers. Growth funds (a fund that is looking to increase its price rather than…

How to pick stocks and shares: Webinar summary

8th Nov 2021

In this webinar, our founder and personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles is joined by The Times columnist Bill Kay, David Henry from Quilter Cheviot and Paul Clifford from Sanlam. They talk all about how to pick stocks and shares and how to kickstart your career in investing. Investing in individual companies and funds is a…

How to invest in commodities…and why you should right now

8th Oct 2021

Even if you are only a casual investor you will likely have heard of people who invest in commodities. The word ‘commodities’ immediately brings to mind Wall Street bankers urgently making trades in steel, corn and pork bellies in front of huge computer screens. However, the truth is far simpler. A commodity is a raw…

Single, Childless, and Paying Through the Nose

25th Apr 2021

It’s well-known that having children is no cheap affair. Being childless not only means you’ll have a lot more spare cash, but you’ll have more free time to focus on your career, or other personal goals. This can be great until you hit retirement age. As you get older, not having children around can mean…

The Difference Between a Mutual and a Bank

24th Apr 2021

We’ve all heard of banks – but do you know what a mutual is? You probably already know about them, without realising it! Here, we cover the main differences between a mutual and a bank, and why you should consider using a mutual for some of your savings strategy. The History of Mutuals Mutual and…

How to choose high dividend shares

1st Apr 2021

If you’re looking for a regular income, or you want a successful investing strategy, one of the best things you can do is to invest in high dividend shares. If you are growing your wealth a great tactic is to invest in high dividend shares and use the dividend payments to re-invest in the company….

Should You Invest in Penny Shares?

9th Aug 2020

If you’re looking to invest in shares, you might not know where to start. How much should you invest, if you’re a beginner in this area? What platforms should you use to manage your investments? If you’re wondering about these questions, this might be a good time to introduce yourself to “penny shares” – essentially,…