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What Do Big Life Events REALLY Cost?

11th May 2021

We all know big life events can wipe out our savings – but if you know what they’ll actually cost, it’s much easier to create a plan to save up for them instead. Rather than being taken aback at each life stage, here’s how to be prepared! University First Rented Home First Home (Owner) Owning…

What is an Investment Portfolio?

25th Apr 2021

You’ve heard of an investment portfolio – but what actually is it? Do you need to know lots about the stock market to have one? (Short answer: no!). Your investment portfolio is a fancy word for everything you’ve got your money invested in. That COULD mean the stock market – but it can also include…

7 great ways to invest for your children

17th Mar 2021

If you want to invest for your children, it’s a lot easier than it used to be. There are plenty of tax-efficient options that help you save for your child’s future – including pensions for babies! (Yes, really). Take a look at the different ways you can invest now for a rich future for your…

Three Easy Ways to Start Investing (When You Don’t Know How)

3rd Mar 2021

Investing is the only way these days to really grow your wealth. Of course, it comes with some risks (you could end up losing what you put in) – but if you let your cash sit in a low-interest savings account, that’s already losing spending power just sitting there! Interest rates are below inflation at…

Exchange-Traded Funds: A Step-by-Step Guide

1st Mar 2021

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) provide a cheap, easy, and relatively reliable way to invest in the stock market. (Well, as reliable as possible – remember, any investment means you could lose money as well as make it). They’re easy to buy and sell, with typically lower transaction and account fees than managed funds. So, what are…

Five Ways to Grow Your Wealth Without Savings Accounts

26th Feb 2021

Cash savings rates are almost non-existent at the moment – it’s 0% of nothing on the whole – so you may be looking for other ways to grow your wealth. In fact, savings accounts have never been good for long-term investing. They are great for the short-term and in fact it’s essential to have enough…

Is Investing Worth the Gamble?

23rd Feb 2021

Investing has caught a lot of attention recently with more people than ever looking to start. But, many people still ask ‘is investing worth the gamble?’. Understandably, you don’t want to risk your hard-earned cash on a strategy that is unlikely to work. The Share Centre reported a 269 percent increase in investment account openings…

Invest in Yourself for a Better Financial Future

1st Feb 2021

It may seem counter intuitive, but sometimes you really do have to spend money to make money. It’s important to invest in yourself to boost your future financial success. Whether you want to start investing your cash into ISAs, squirrel away some funds into a pension packet, or try a new skill, then we’ve got…

Fill Your Twixmas Time for a Richer New Year!

21st Dec 2020

Twixmas is a boring time of year for all of us. We’re stuffed full of overly rich Christmas food and all daily routine is out the window. In 2020, twixmas is set to be even more boring than ever, as we’re stuck at home and unable to visit friends and family as usual! That’s why…

Index-tracking funds: the easy way to invest in the stock market

17th Nov 2020

Index-tracking funds offer an easy, cheap and non-frightening way to invest in the stock market! Not only are they cheap and easy, but they actually make money (over time) and they’re recommended for people like you and me by Warren Buffett no less! Also known as ‘trackers’, this investment type is a no-fuss way to put …

How to Wisely Invest £1million if You Win the Lottery!

30th Oct 2020

We’ve all dreamed about winning the lottery… but what would you do if you actually won the jackpot? Aside from buying property, helping out friends and family, and maybe taking a fun trip abroad – how would you invest £1million for a steady financial future? It’d be incredibly tempting to spend every penny on luxury…

What Is a SIPP?

30th Sep 2020

Planning for retirement is often confusing and stressful. With various types of pension schemes available, how do you know which is best for you? There’s a lot of choice out there, so we’ve put together an article covering what you need to know  about SIPPs, and whether they might be the right option for you….