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Feb 16

Simple savings to clear your clutter

Victoria Atherstone 16th Feb 2017 No Comments

Someone once said ‘a little goes a long way’, and when it comes to feeling smarter about being in control of your finances, even the simplest of savings can be a good thing. Try out these simple savings and start decluttering your life.


What don’t you need?

Woman clearing out her wardrobe

If your wardrobes and cupboards are bursting at the seams, it could be that you’ve got a few too many clothes that you never choose to wear. A single trip to the charity shops could help free up space – and there may even be joy to be had in online auctions for the really good stuff.

It’s not just about possessions you don’t need, though. Many of us have regular direct debit payments we might be able to do without – insurance for a phone we no longer use, gym membership we only use once in a blue moon, a TV package full of channels, movies and sports no-one actually watches … those are just a few examples. Taking the time to contact the relevant company to cancel services and stop payments you don’t actually make use of, could help you make simple savings.


Simple, easy-win day-to-day savings

Packed lunch

A simple look at voucher websites can often find ‘percentage off’ campaigns, cashback deals or voucher codes, which can be helpful if you know what you’re after, such as a hotel booking or a day trip.

Finally, there are the small things you needn’t do every day, but that can add up if you never do. Making your own lunch to take to work instead of buying a pricey high street combo.  Walking or cycling instead of driving somewhere. And planning your two-for-ones, BOGOFs and so on for when you’ll need it, rather than on impulse.

There are no promises here, but if you want to get that glowing feeling that you’re more in control of your finances, simple savings can often help!


What deals could you improve on?

Have you been on the same energy tariff or mobile phone contract for a long time? Many people can unwittingly allow their contracts to roll on to higher rates without even realising it – so they can end up paying more each month for the same thing.

Changing to a more suitable one – with the same provider or a new one – could bring considerable savings, as long as it is not going to incur a penalty. Likewise, if you haven’t switched bank accounts for a few years there’s a chance you don’t have the best account for your needs, such as overdraft provision, or benefits like car breakdown cover.

Now Experian gives you access to your Experian Credit Score, for free, forever. Having a good credit score could help you to get the best deals when it comes to switching contracts.

Experian CreditMatcher is a free independent service that gives you your Experian Credit Score FREE forever.

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Clear Your Clutter Campaign seen in
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