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Feb 23

Storage solutions: cheap ways to create space

Chiara Cavaglieri 23rd Feb 2015 One Comment

All that clutter around your house getting too much? It might be time for a good clean up, but why not re-organise your home while you’re at it? It could prove a great way to create more space and (fingers crossed) keep things tidier for longer.

We’ve found some fantastic internet bargains on all kinds of storage solutions that will help you to use space in an effective and economical way. To make your life easier, we’ve organised the items by room and linked to all the products, so  you can see exactly what’s on offer and where to get the best prices.



4 Double Coat Hooks in Chrome from Argos

Most people’s front door space tends to be a bit of a clutter hotspot. Combat this with units that have space for shoes, coats and sports gear or toys – all in one.
If you don’t want to spend that much, you could simply get hold of some hooks for coats. Argos sells 4 Double Coat Hooks in Chrome for just £10.49.

Alternatively, if you have space under the stairs do make the most of it. Argos has this beech-effect understairs unit which is the perfect shape to fit under a staircase without getting in the way. You can stash your shoes, toys and books here and even place a few decorative items on the outside for a bit of colour.



Storage Solutions – Cheap ways to create space Utensils: If you’re running out of drawer space, get a utensil holder and leave it on the worktop. A corner plate rack is another storage solution which won’t take up much space and will keep your plates neat and tidy. They are designed to take different sized plates and fit neatly in a corner.

For instant shelving without drills, get this chrome Adapt-a-Shelf from Lakeland which will set you back less than £15. Place it on your worktop for a great way to store coffee/tea canisters and expand to the size you need – you can also store other items like herbs, salt etc underneath.

Pots and pans:
Putting pots and pans on shelves or hanging them from racks is a brilliant way to clear out your cupboards.

Argos has a good selection of hanging racks and pot stands. We like this chrome wall shelf which has hanging bars to hold utensils and is a bit of a steal at £21.99.

Around the sink: The sink can be a bit of a magnet for clutter, so get a unit that you can shove any sponges, brushes and soap in.

Lakeland has three sink tidy units to choose from, but this one for £9.99 is by far the best option because it’s big enough to store both washing-up liquid, brush and sponge. It also has a base that collects any water, so you can leave it on the windowsill or worktop without having to constantly wipe up drips.

The rest: A kitchen can attract a surprising amount of clutter, so use clever storage ideas to save space wherever you can.

Bins take up a lot of space so get yourself a built-in bin which you can hook onto the inside of a cupboard door. Use up all those carrier bags lying around to line the bin and make even more space!

Tea towels have a habit of taking up much needed drawer space. Get some clip-on tea towel loops from Lakeland for £5.79 then simply hang them on a hook. You can even use them on bath towels and hang them in an airing cupboard if your bathroom’s a bit cramped.



moneymagpie_bathroomToiletries: Toiletries take up a lot of space, create mess when they leak and leave water marks all over your surfaces.

Argos has a great chrome finish wall unit which comes with two shelves and two towel racks. It costs just £21.99 and is big enough to store all your bathroom basics. They’ve also got this two tier hanging shower caddy for just £6.99.

Units: For extra storage a bathroom cabinet is most people’s choice, but another great option – and often a cheaper one – is to get a tall corner unit. It will take up very little space and can hold lots of bits and bobs.

Argos has lots of units to choose from including this four tier corner caddy for £12.99.

Make the most of bathroom space you wouldn’t normally use. Argos has a clever unit designed to place under the basin for £14.99 and store extra items like cleaning products. Don’t forget about space above the toilet cistern and the door. Argos also sell this over-the-door hanging unit for £21.99 for even more storage.


Living space

Storage Solutions – Cheap ways to create space Boxes: Storage should be decorative as well as practical. Choose units and boxes that are bright and colourful and will liven up your house whilst tidying it.

Amazon has lots of gorgeous storage boxes to choose from – and all at great prices. Many are attractive enough to be used as decorative items as well as somewhere to store all your clutter.

Furniture: Choose your furniture carefully and try to choose items that have extra storage build in.

For example, get a coffee table with storage drawers. Amazon has several coffee tables with built-in compartments. Bookcases are also a stylish storage option. Ikea have a great range of bookcases, or go to Argos for bookcases starting from just £16.49! Or if you haven’t got many books, a corner bookcase is a good way to maximise space.

Kids’ toys: Keep toys in one area and encourage the kids to tidy up after themselves by putting their own toys back in their special boxes.

Ikea has a fairly extensive range of boxes for children’s toys of various sizes and designs. The stackable units are £39 and take up relatively little space.

Shelves: The original storage solution is perhaps now seen as a bit boring.  But for a bit more money, you can get some funky shelves that act as a decorative feature as well as a storage solution. Shelves maximise unused space and they’re great for creating storage space when there isn’t enough room at floor level.

Go to Amazon, Ikea and Argos for attractive looking shelves of all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Other bits and bobs:
Don’t forget about the little things that all add up to make a lot of mess.

With all the mod cons that seem to be filling up our living rooms, a remote control holder is a great way to keep your coffee table clutter-free.

Keep all those magazines and catalogues out of the way in a convenient rack. Amazon has a good selection so take a look and pick one to match your furniture.



Storage Solutions – Cheap ways to create space Beds: Under the bed is yet another great place to store things. If you don’t have built-in underbed drawers, you can buy ones that are on castors so you can roll them under the bed without any effort at all.

Argos has four large 30l underbed boxes for £15 – fill them with next season’s clothes, bed sheets and anything else you don’t need to hand.

Bunk beds are also great for creating extra room. And if you only have one child, you can use one of the beds to store books, toys and puzzles. Argos has a great selection of bunk beds at low prices. Take a look at them here.

Filing cabinets: To organise your records, you no longer have to resort to a metal filing cabinet that reeks of the office and doesn’t go with your other stylish storage options. Get one that doubles up as a bedside table to save even more room.

Hooks: Use the door as an extra space to hang clothes, dressing gowns and even belts and hats that would normally end up on the floor.

You can get cheap door hanging pockets for your shoes – this one fits 10 pairs of shoes and costs just £4.99. Don’t put your high heels in them, instead buy some shoe boxes so that you can pile them on top of each other in your wardrobe.


Compare Prices on all Storage Solutions

Shopping around really can save you money. If you have a product in mind, use a price comparison site to see where you can get it for the best price. Here are a few for you to look at:

Find out how to get involved in National Clear Your Clutter Day 2018. 


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