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We ask a Doctor: “What can a lower temperature mean to your health”

Reading Time: 4 mins With the rise of energy bills and some not-very-helpful comments in ... read more

Cut to Universal Credit: When eating becomes a luxury

Reading Time: 4 mins Charity Action for Children has released sobering research, painting a devastating ... read more

Make your food go further with Hubbub

Reading Time: 23 mins Our founder Jasmine Birtles recently hosted an Instagram Live with Mark ... read more

Cost of living survey: 78% of readers have seen a decrease in their income

Reading Time: 7 mins On Friday 6th May, we produced a short cost of living ... read more

Opinion Piece: The psychological damage of poverty

Reading Time: 5 mins The writer of this piece has asked us to remain anonymous ... read more

Why the #FreeToSwitch campaign is important

Reading Time: 2 mins Broadband provider Hyperoptic have begun a campaign more important than ever ... read more

You are being charged for electronics left on standby

Reading Time: 2 mins   You are being charged for devices left on standby. New ... read more

Prepare for a blackout: The emergency kit you need

Reading Time: 5 mins When it comes to a blackout, they’re not common in the ... read more

What are CBDCs and why should you be worried?

Reading Time: 19 mins In the latest instalment of the How to be a MoneyMagpie ... read more

40% of Brits could fall into fuel poverty in autumn

Reading Time: 2 mins Energy bosses have told parliament that as many as four in ... read more

Cost of Living Crisis is at its worst since records began

Reading Time: 5 mins The cost of living has noticibly sky rocketed recently and is ... read more

Brits changing energy usage habits to offset rising bills, energy savers report finds

Reading Time: 3 mins MoneyMagpie have co-authored the energy savers report as part of a ... read more


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