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10 ideas for couples to make money together

Making money as a couple can be a fun way to spend time together while working toward a mutual goal.

A lot of readers have asked us about this recently, so we’ve compiled a list ideas for couples to make money together. While many of these could also work for singles, sharing the experience with your chosen person, could just add an extra measure of fun.

Take a look and tell us which ones you’ve tried or will be trying.


1. Mystery shopping

Couple window shopping

If you can’t afford a night out or a hotel stay, mystery shopping is a great money making idea for you.

In most cases (not all) you won’t actually get paid, but will get to enjoy free meals in restaurants, stays in hotels and drinks in bars.

Different mystery shopping companies will provide you with different assignments, depending on who their clients are. If you and your partner both sign-up to mystery shopping, you may get different assignments – which means double the freebies!

We can show you here how to get mystery shopping jobs and lots of freebies as a mystery shopper.


2. Make money tutoring

Young male tutor teaching young boy

If you and your partner share the same skills or passions, how about teaching them to others and charging for your services?

Do you play a musical instrument? Or speak another language? Perhaps your talent lies in writing or pottery?

Whatever your skill is, you can make money from it by tutoring people or groups and charging by the hour. And if two of you take on different students, you can make double the cash.

In fact, if you read our article you’ll find out how to make as much as £80 an hour tutoring.


3. Make money renting

Business people holding model house and keys

Do you and your partner have a spare room?

If you do, why not turn it into a moneyspinner by renting it out?

You choose who stays and for how long, so it really is a good way to make money with little hassle.

You can advertise your room for free on Easyroomate or GumtreeTake a look at our full article on renting out your room here.

Keep in mind if you like your privacy and can’t bear the idea of sharing your bathroom and kitchen with a stranger, this is probably not for you. However, there are many other ways to make money from renting without compromising on your privacy.


4. Make money setting up a B&B

Bed and breakfast tray

Do you:

Fancy the ultimate work-from-home job?

Live in a popular area, with lots of spare rooms?

Like meeting lots of new people?

Are you an adventurous couple?

If yes, you might consider running a B&B – it’s a long term money-making scheme for those who are willing to make a real commitment – but get it right and you could be onto a serious earner.

You could make anything from a few hundred to a few thousand quid a month, depending on where you live and how many rooms you have.

However, it can be hard work and it’ll take a lot of effort initially to get things going, so do consider it fully before you make any decisions. Doing it as a team will make it much easier, though! Take a look at our article on how to run a B&B here.


5. House swapping for a free holiday or house sitting

Couples house swapping

If you’re a couple wanting to explore the country together  (and possibly the world) house swapping is the thing for you.

It’s a great way to get a cheap holiday.

The major selling point of house swapping is that the person you’re swapping with could live anywhere in the world, so while they’re heading to your pad in London or Edinburgh or Slough you could be flying out to their home in Australia, France, Italy or the US.

Learn how to have a house swap holiday here.

If you want to make money then you could try house sitting with your partner instead.

It isn’t a big money-maker- the pay is minimal and the work’s unlikely to be regular – but it’s a good way to earn a bit of money on the side and possibly have some fun whilst you’re at it.

Not all house sitting agencies pay, so  for regular work register with a reputable agency like Trusted Housesitters

Learn more about making money house sitting here.


6. Make money looking after pets

Couple with small Dog

If you’re a animal-loving couple, pet sitting can be an easy and fun way to make money. Especially if you aren’t in a position to have pets of your own.

Pet-sitters look after people’s animals while they are away from home and they do it in the owners’ homes. You will have to visit the house a couple of times a day, typically for between 30 minutes to an hour at a time, so you and your partner can alternate on shifts.

Pet sitters usually charge per pet, per hour but weekly rates or discounts for multiple pets can be put in place. Rates tend to range from around £6 per visit up to £15.

With furry friends just waiting for some love and attention, this is probably one of the most fun ideas for couples to make money together.

By simply signing up for free to a relevant website, you can advertise your services to thousands of dog owners a month.

Take a look at our full guide to making money from pet sitting here. 


7. Make money answering the phone

Mature man using mobile phone

Did you know you can make money answering phones?

If you’re going to be at home all day and able to take calls, then you’re well suited, but if you have to be out and about a lot, it’s not going to work for you. You need to be there to answer the calls your clients can’t.

As a couple you can take it in turns to answer the phone and even give each other shifts so one person can pop out while the other stays in.

There’s an issue if you have small children or a dog, as you’ll need absolute silence when answering all calls or you’ll seem unprofessional.

This money maker is  particularly well suited to retried couples who have a lot of spare time and not many commitments.

Having said that, you may still have more flexibility than you would in most full-time receptionist jobs. When the phone isn’t ringing, you’ll have time to get on with household chores or other projects.

Click here or all the ins and outs of making money from answering phones.


8. Set up your own cleaning business

Couple cleaning kitchen together

Ever thought about becoming a cleaning double act?

People always need things cleaned and it can be a good way of making money in your spare time if you have flexible working hours or can give up weekends.

Setting up your own business as a cleaner can be a good extra revenue source, but with hard, high standards and a bit of luck you could see it become a full-time business.

You can both ask family and friends if they need a cleaner first. This way, you’ll both get a feel for the job and the standards people generally expect. (Spoiler alert: people usually have much higher standards of cleanliness if they are paying for it.) It will also help you with a recommendation or reference when you advertise to the public.

People tend to want their houses cleaned while they are working, so if you and your partner are available during office hours it will be handy and the most effective way to get lots of work.


9. Make money ironing

Woman ironing in the living room/lounge

Do you and your partner spend lots of time in front of the telly?

If yes, why not start an ironing business from the comfort of your own home.

With two of you a big load can be done in half the time and it can be a good money maker!

There’s an extremely high demand for efficient and quality ironing services so you will need to be able to iron to a high standard and have the essentials: a good iron and ironing board.

Click here for more tips on how to make money by running an ironing business.


10. Collecting/making and selling

Couple searching for records to add to their collection

At MoneyMagpie we’ve come up with loads of things you can collect and later sell on at a profit.

Items that you can collect to make money include clothes, Disney DVDsVintage Computers, comics, piggy banks, phones and loads more.

Whatever it is you want to collect, two people are definitely better than one when it comes to finding those rare collectibles that are hard to get hold of.

If collecting isn’t your thing but making or baking is, one partner can do all the handy work while the other sells. One of you could be baking cakes or making jewelry while the other is responsible for selling.


Bonus: Start a joint blog

Couple using laptop together

We don’t include this among our main suggestions of ideas for couples to make money together, because it could take a while for a blog to be lucrative.

But, nonetheless, if you and your partner are great story-tellers who live an interesting life, pursue an unusual hobby or travel a lot, why not start telling other people about it in the form of a blog?

The benefits of blogging as a couple are endless, as each of you can take responsibility for different aspects of the site, cutting the time you spend updating it in half.

Elizabeth and Raj from Awesome Wave are a great example of a couple who are making a name for themselves as collaborative travel bloggers.

Jack Morris from DoYouTravel and Lauren Bullen from Gypsea Lust, on the other hand, each run their own hugely successful blogs, but still get to travel and pursue their photography/writing/exploring hobbies together. With millions of followers each, Morris and Bullen get paid up to £7,000 per sponsored Instagram post, which just shows you what can happen if you stick to it!

Not sure where to start setting up a blog? Read our article about how to make money blogging.

So there you have it –  10 money making ideas for couples. If you didn’t find any of these ideas useful we have 1,000s of money making ideas for you here.

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