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9 ways to make money from your living room and bedroom

While we all wait for the weather to improve, we’re showing you how you can make and save cash in your living room and bedroom. Take a look at our 9-step guide for everything you need to kno

  1. Host a foreign student
  2. Cash in your junk
  3. Get glamorous
  4. Care for kids
  5. Earn cash while you watch TV
  6. Find money you didn’t know you had
  7. Save on home entertainment
  8. Don’t pay for the gym
  9. Get into saving energy


Make money from your bedroom

Ahem, this isn’t as dodgy as it sounds – honest. If you’ve got a spare bedroom, consider renting it out for some extra cash. Advertise your room for free on sites like Crashpadder, Spareroom or EasyRoomMate – which cover the whole of the UK. Find out how you can make as much as £4,250 a year tax free in our article here.

1. Host a foreign student

Foreign Students

If you don’t fancy having someone all the time you can take in foreign students for shorter periods. There are plenty of foreign language schools and universities who will need somewhere for their students to stay while they study.

You can provide these students with house and board and earn yourself as much as £150 a week – check out this article for more information about how to rent a room for tax-free cash.

2. Cash in your junk

Sell your stuff

As always, an easy way to make some money from your living room and your bedroom is to turf out all your old trash – and sell it. It’ll make you feel a whole lot better to have a clear out as well. Remember that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and you could make a tidy profit on your ‘junk’.

Try selling on sites like eBay, eBid, and even Don’t worry if you’re an eBay virgin – we take you through exactly what to do here.

You can also find your nearest car boot sale on CarbootJunction or Your Booty if you’d rather sell your things in person. For more ideas on how to turn your trash into cash click here.


Make money from your living room

3. Get glamorous

be cheerful

If you fancy something a bit glamorous, you can use your living room to host a product party. Invite a bunch of friends round, and try out loads of posh products before you buy them.

It won’t cost you anything, and you’ll be entitled to free products, discounts and special offers.

If you really like it you can become a consultant and organise the parties for others. You’ll earn commission on everything you sell and they offer loads of incentives for you to do well. Get started with The Body Shop at Home or Ann Summers.

4. Care for kids

Nanny playing with two children

Are you stuck at home with the kids? You could always look after other people’s as well and make some money out of it. If you’re serious about staying home to look after your own children, this is a really great way to make money at the same time. We tell you exactly how to set up your own childminding business, and how you can make as much as £18,000 a year here.

5. Earn cash while you watch TV

Couple watching tv

Believe it or not, there are ways you can make money without moving from the sofa (almost).

How about knitting for cash? Even if you don’t have a clue where to start, we’ve got an article that will tell you everything you need to know from how to cast on, to where to find the cheapest wool.

We show you how you can knit items to sell, and even how to teach others to knit. Find out how to knit your way to riches here.

You can earn as much as £12 an hour doing other people’s ironing. Sound appealing? For most of us, ironing is one of those horrible chores we avoid for as long as possible. If you’ve got a knack for it however, there’s plenty of people out there willing to pay you to take that stack of creased shirts off their hands.

We’ve even got a whole host of ideas on how to make money from TV itself – check them out here.

6. Find money you didn’t know you had

Excited woman looking surprised by handful of notes

It’s never going to make you rich, but it’s always worth checking down the back of the sofa for small change. You’d be amazed how many pennies end up down there, and as they say, ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves’.


Save money

7. Save on home entertainment

Dvds and Popcorn

When you buy DVDs and CDs, make sure you get them for the very best prices – we love and who both have really competitive prices and offer free delivery on everything – brilliant!

If you’re serious about saving, you could consider switching your Sky subscription for Freeview. The cheapest Sky subscription is £21.50 a month – but you can get a Freeview box for just £15 from Argos, and that’s the only charge you’ll have to pay.

8. Don’t pay for the gym

Woman doing home workout with an exercise dvd

Are you feeling guilty about your distinct lack of trips to the gym? Well, don’t! How about ditching the costly gym membership and exercising at home instead?

It requires a lot less effort on your part and could save you a small fortune. You could buy yourself a decent exercise DVD and get fit in front of your telly – easy.

9. Get into saving energy…

Energy digital graphic

…and not just because it’s the done thing! It can actually save you a lot of money.

  • Try switching all the light bulbs in your living room and bedroom for energy saving light bulbs. Check out the GoGreenLights website to get bulbs at the very best prices and do your bit for charity – the website donates all its profits to Oxfam.
  • If your living room or bedroom is feeling a bit draughty, we’ve got loads of DIY quick insulation fixes, so you can save loads on your energy bills. We show you how to make your radiators more efficient using just tin foil, create your own double glazing with bubble wrap and make your very own stylish draught excluders. Find out how here.
  • You could invest in the ingenious Intellipanel from It allows you to plug your TV into the master socket, then all the appliances relating to it (video/DVD player, speakers, Nintendo Wii, Freeview/Sky box) into the other sockets. That way, when you turn off your TV, it and all the other appliances will be automatically turned off standby. – This should save you a whole bunch of energy and money. Clever eh?


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  1. Or, rent out your space for filming. Anyone can advertise any property as a film location with A listing advertises your space to thousands of clients around the world each day and can generate a fabulous income.

  2. There’s also the option of AirBnB where you can rent out your room/house for people to stay in as an alternative to a hotel.


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