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Almost half of airline workers considering quitting

Isobel Lawrance 27th Jul 2022 No Comments

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New figures show 41.4% of airport and airline workers are considering leaving the industry. The poll, by online job site CV-Library asked 1,700 aviation workers about their reasons for wanting to leave their profession.

The main reasons workers gave were regarding pay and stress levels. Two-thirds of those questioned claimed they had not received a pay rise in the last 12-month period. A whopping 82% of respondents suggested they had also not received any additional benefits or rewards for their work.

When it came to aviation workers not returning to their posts after the pandemic, over half (58%) suggested they would not return to the sector due to poor pay. Similarly, one third (33%) of respondents believe their job is too stressful got the current salary they receive. On top of this, 25% said the responsibility given to them is far larger than their pay grade.

However, many respondents suggested the current disruption was not a reason for them considering leaving their current positions. A mere 5% of those surveyed said the current disruption in airports across the UK was a factor in them wanting to leave their job.

Only 4.2% of those who answered the poll said a factor in them wanting to leave was rude and angry passengers. The same percentage of respondents also said a reason for them wanting to leave was the impact their role was having on their mental health and wellbeing.

Lee Biggins, chief executive of CV-Library, said:

“With the industry in such disarray, it comes as no surprise that so many airport workers are considering leaving.

“Attempts to turn things around have so far missed the mark and, with peak season now upon us, urgent action is required.

“Based on our data and the voice of both current and ex-airline and airport workers, if salary levels and benefits were enhanced, the crisis could be severely dampened.”

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