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Boxsaver: The online discount grocer saving people major cash

Isobel Lawrance 3rd Jul 2023 One Comment

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Boxsaver: The online discount grocer saving people major cash 

Despite increased pressures on people’s wallets due to the cost of living crisis, major supermarkets are still charging a premium for the nation’s favourite food brands. Those who are loyal to specific brands are now having to shell out even more for groceries. But they don’t have to.

Online discount grocer Boxsaver compares the cost of best-loved brands on a daily basis – showing just how must the cost of your food shop faves vary between supermarkets. These brands include Heinz, Walkers, Bisto, Coca-Cola and Cadbury’s, to name a few. The daily comparisons show differences between Aldi, Asda, B&M, Ocado, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose – with Boxsaver selling the same items for less. 

The small business did a price comparison using data from an identical basket of products – including cereal, condiments and cooking ingredients. On the Boxsaver website, this basket of goods came to just £28.64. The UK’s four major supermarkets had prices ranging from £37.85 to £42.75 – showing savings of at least £9.21 for the same basket of goods. 

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Boxsaver CEO Peter Bohn said: 

‘It’s unfair on shoppers that the brands they love are being priced so highly when food prices are increasing across the board. The fact the prices vary so much goes to show supermarkets don’t have to charge so much. 

‘When you look at the comparisons on our website, it is very eye-opening. In some cases, eye-watering! It’s worth noting, Waitrose doesn’t always come out as the most expensive as people might expect. Some of the products we sell are at least £1 more at Asda and Tesco. 

‘People are also often surprised we can beat the prices of discounters like Aldi and B&M.’

Boxsaver shares price comparisons daily, with the figures quoted taken directly from other supermarket websites. The website also promises to beat these prices – including any loyalty card discounts and reward schemes. 

The Boxsaver website allows shoppers to see the ‘next cheapest’ and the ‘most expensive’ price for the same item on its ‘shop all’ page as well as full price comparisons with all eight supermarkets on each individual product page. 

Boxsaver also offers free delivery across mainland Great Britain for orders over £25 which also beats all other supermarket providers’ doorstep delivery offers. 

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Peter said:  

‘Reward schemes are incentivising customers but only on certain products. Shoppers pay for them on others. We think people would much rather keep their hard-earned money in their pocket and pay less for every single item and that’s what Boxsaver aims to achieve. 

‘Of course, Boxsaver only sells premium brands, and a lot of people can’t afford them. However, we know most people would prefer to buy premium brands if they could, and the supermarkets know that too – and they charge them for it. 

‘So many more shoppers would be able to afford premium brands if they were reasonably priced. We prove that is possible.’ 

Consumer champion Helen Dewdney a.k.a. The Complaining Cow, said: 

‘A 49% difference in price between a possible price and what Sainsbury’s charges is outrageous. What possible reason can it have for this disparity? If supermarkets were only increasing prices in line with inflation, surely this would not be the case? 

‘Yet again it would appear that supermarkets are not treating customers fairly. It shows that consumers have to use a variety of means to ensure that they are getting the best prices during the cost of living crisis.’

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Kelly Marvin
Kelly Marvin
11 months ago

Is this an advert or are you saying it’s legit good?

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