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Get a free cup of tea this April

Isobel Lawrance 29th Mar 2023 No Comments

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Get a free cup of tea this April.

It’s no secret that we Brits love a good cup of tea. Whether you are a herbal tea person, prefer an Earl Grey or are a fan of the classic English breakfast builder’s tea, it’s no surprise we drink a staggering 36 billion cups of the stuff every year. 

Forget the debates about the order you put tea, water and milk into your mug, this National Tea Day, let’s just enjoy the good stuff. National Tea Day is on Friday 21st April, and Bird & Blend Tea Co. are offering a free cup of tea in stores across the UK between 11 am and 12pm. 

When we say there is more tea available than you could even fathom, we mean it. Bird & Blend stores offer over 100 tea blends, showcased on the famous tea walls. With that many blends on offer, you are bound to find something suited to your taste buds. Plus, the fact that it will be free will make it taste just that bit better. 

Flavours include Chocolate Digestives, Blue Raspberry, Whisktea, Birthday Cake, Peppermint Cream, Cherry Bakewell, Jasmine Poached Pears, Tea & Toast, Honeycomb Cookie D’oh, Cherry Cola Bottles, Earl Grey Crème and Great British Cuppa. You may even opt to try something new and enter a world of flavours you never knew existed. 


Which stores are offering this?

  • Brighton North Laine 
  • Brighton Beach 
  • Bristol 
  • Cardiff 
  • Exeter 
  • Glasgow 
  • London Angel 
  • London Borough 
  • London Portobello 
  • Manchester 
  • Norwich 
  • Nottingham 
  • Oxford 
  • Worthing 


How to make the perfect cuppa

Tea really is ingrained in cultures across the world. It has a long and rich history dating back thousands of years to the Zhejiang province in China.  

But for those in the UK today, a cup of tea is a vital part of everyday life. It can bring comfort to everyone, with the first thing most of us do when we arrive home is put the kettle on, ready for a nice brew. 

Plus, a cup of tea really is appropriate for any occasion. Having a bad day? Cup of tea. Have a headache? Cup of tea. Enjoying a nice slice of cake? Well, it wouldn’t be the same without a cup of tea. 

Whether you’re a milk first or last, a tea bag squeezer, a scoop-er or a loose-leaf connoisseur, here’s how to ensure you get that perfect cup of tea every time. 

Select your perfect tea

Tea as to suit the mood. Need an energy boost? A classic breakfast tea might be the one for you. Want to relax after a long day? Chamomile may be the hug in a mug you’re looking for. If you are cutting back on caffeine, try a fruit infusion.  

Choose your teacup

We all have that one, particular mug we reach for first when going to make tea. Somehow, we find comfort in that special teacup, a fondness we cannot quite explain. Whether it’s the ‘Worlds Best Mum’ mug, the one that you have had so long you can’t even remember where it came from, or the posh one you splashed out on in a high-end department store on a whim, your vessel of choice determines your whole experience. 

Boil fresh water

Now hear us out. We want to save you money, so don’t go boiling a full, fresh kettle full of water every time you make yourself a cup of tea. We don’t want to send your electricity bill through the roof! Instead, measure out the exact amount of water you need using your mug. This allows for great, oxygenated tea, which tastes just that bit better. 

Read the instructions

Instructions? For tea? We sense you are scoffing… 

Well, everyone enjoys their tea differently. However, if you are trying a new brew that you aren’t too keen on, check the instructions. You may have brewed it too much, or not enough! Try following the recommended brewing times – you may just find this helps! 


Now sit back, relax, put your feet up, and enjoy every sip of your perfectly made tea. Oh, and remember to pic up your free cup of tea on April 21st!

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