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Get paid to catch a gold digger

Moneymagpie Team 6th Aug 2019 One Comment

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Okay, so this is a bit of an odd job… but it pays well, and it’s pretty… exciting?

Think you can spot a gold digger from a mile? Maybe you’ve been one yourself? This is your time to put your expertise to the test!

Warning: you need to be… good looking…

The Job

A self-made millionaire is looking for a professional ‘honey trapper’ to help him ‘bait’ his partner into revealing her true intentions. He’s suspecting that she is only interested in his money. He says he wants to take this precautionary step before he marries his fiancé, after becoming engaged a few weeks ago.

The man has been in touch with luxury online marketplace HushHush.com to see if they can help find a suitable person.

His reasoning behind wanting to do it is pretty simple. He’s been messed around before for his money, and since getting engaged to his girlfriend, has become increasingly worried that this relationship might be heading in the same direction. She has refused his suggestions of a pre-nup, and since getting engaged just a few weeks ago, is becoming ever-more agitated to tie the knot. Despite there being no reason to rush the wedding.


The millionaire has set out a list of requirements for the right candidate, and what the role will entail. The selected candidate must be ‘good looking’, have the ability to act convincingly, have facial hair and be in good physical shape.

The man says the reason for these requirements is that he’d like the honey trapper to play the role of a good looking, wealthy man until the ‘exercise’ is concluded.

Pay and Perks

Brace yourself. It gets better.

The successful candidate will receive a one-off payment of £15,000! And that’s not all.

The chosen candidate will be given access to a premium property, a couple of luxury cars and an agreed budget to spend whilst trying to ‘bait’ the man’s wife-to-be. Basically you get to live the lifestyle of a very rich man for a few weeks. Plus, you get a load of money for your trouble. Sounds pretty good to us… Imagine the kind of cars you’ll be taking for a spin.

How to apply

Aaron Harpin, founder of HushHush.com, said,
“The concept of ‘gold diggers’ isn’t new. Indeed, it’s something that the rich and famous have long had to deal with. However, rarely do we see people tackling it in such a direct way. Our concierges are trained to deal with a multitude of tasks, and deal with bespoke requests all day long, but when this one came through, we knew it was slightly outside of our usual remit.

“Obviously we’re hoping that if and when the right person is found for the unusual role, they won’t be able to make our client’s fiancé sway from him; no one wants to see couples break up, especially when they’re set to get married.”

To try your luck, hit the button below!


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4 years ago

Great job for the right person.

Jasmine Birtles

Your money-making expert. Financial journalist, TV and radio personality.

Jasmine Birtles

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