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Get Paid to Watch Love Island

Vicky Parry 14th Jun 2022 No Comments

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If you’re a Love Island fan who wants to go deeper on on the latest drama from the island-based show, you could get paid hundreds of pounds and win lots of freebies – just for kicking back and watching the latest episodes. 

The Secret Linen Store is looking for what they’re calling a Relaxation Researcher.

One lucky applicant will win £300 to relax and test the five best evening relaxation methods –  one of course being to put your feet up and watch all the drama of Love Island. 

Secret Linen Store founder Molly Freshwater, said: “As we continue to move towards a hybrid working way of life, the lines between work and home can become blurred. More and more people are working later into the evenings, meaning by the time you go to bed, your brain finds it hard to switch off, often going without a ‘wind down’ period before you head off to sleep.

“With this in mind, we’d love to give to give someone the opportunity to dedicate time in the evenings to relax, and to take on the important task of finding out the ultimate calming pre-bed routine. We know our pyjamas and bedding sets are perfect for getting the best night’s sleep, but it’s so important to take time out in the evening (if you can!) to really switch off and help get you in the perfect relaxed state for bed. Hopefully the findings of the research will help people do just that.”

You’ll be carrying out other tests including trying out a three-step skincare range, listening to three different podcasts and something as simple as switching off and relaxing with a cup of tea and a book. The final relaxation technique is putting on Spotify or YouTube while you participate in a yoga or meditation exercise. 

Applications are now open until 3 July. Just fill out the application here to let Secret Linen Store know why YOU deserve to be paid to kick back and relax. 

If you are interested in other quirky ways to make money click here. 

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