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How to make money for charity if you're under 18

04 April 2017
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It should be easy to make money for charity if you’re under 18. But saving up £3,000 to go on your charity gap year project can be a real challenge. Here are some ideas of how to raise considerable amounts of money for charity to help you help others.

Busk for charity

Teenagers Busking

Busking is a great way for under 18s to make money and have some fun. You’ve got to be gutsy and get out in front of lots of people and entertain – but if you give a good show you can make a lot of money in a few hours. You can busk all over the place, but it’s important to check out if you need a licence or permit before you do it. If you are caught busking where you shouldn’t be, you can just get moved on or if you’re really unlucky you can get fined or even arrested. Once your location is sorted all you’ve got to do is put out a hat or case to collect money in and you’re good to go. We’ve got all the information and tips to make more in our article Busking through life.

Sell things for other people

ebay app on smartphone

Everyone has things lying around that they don’t need but often people are too lazy to sell them on eBay or anywhere else, so they end up going to waste. You can take advantage of this by starting up a small ‘we sell your stuff’ business at school, a church or religious community centre, or even just in the local neighbourhood. It would work like this:

  • You accept an item off a seller and agree to sell it on their behalf.
  • They tell you the ideal price they want to sell it for and the minimum price they are willing to accept.
  • If you sell it for the minimum price or just over, you get nothing.
  • If you can sell it for more than the ideal price they’d like to sell it for, you keep the difference.

Once you’ve gathered lots of items, all you need to do is go along to a car boot sale, set up a stand and work your sales magic. Obviously you can tweak the way the money works. You can charge commission on everything if you wish or take all profit above the minimum price. This would motivate you to sell everything for more than the prices that the sellers want. However, you will need to have a rough idea of what things are worth so that your sellers don’t give you high unachievable prices that people simply won’t pay.


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