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The Highest Earning Virtual Jobs in 2020 (And How to Get Them)

Jennifer Birtles 29th Jun 2020 2 Comments

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The onset of coronavirus has seen many of us starting to work from home and take on virtual jobs. Statistics quoted in Business Leader state that prior to the pandemic only 5% of the country worked from home. This has changed massively and now approximately 70%, or 23.9 million people, have been working from home. We are experiencing massive changes in our working landscape and seeing how businesses can function remotely.

Resume.io carried out research showing that almost 30,000 people in the UK had searched for virtual jobs in the past month alone. As it becomes more feasible an increasing number of people are looking to work remotely and the job market reflects this.

Here are the highest earning virtual jobs in 2020 and how to get them!

Software developer

Software developers are a high paid virtual job

Similar to the role of a web developer, it involves researching, designing, and developing programmes.There is a continuing demand for computer software as the technology industry continues to grow. Meaning that there are very good job prospects in this area of work, and employment rates are seeing a steady growth.

The average UK salary is £47,500, with the possibility to earn a lot more as your skills and experience grow.

getting started

Although some employers recommend it, you don’t necessarily need a degree and you can enter this area of work through a vocational route. BTECs and Level 3 qualifications in Computer Science or Computing Technology are the most relevant courses to help you find work. An understanding of coding and software language will be needed but this is something you can teach yourself at home! Check out a load of places you can learn to code for free here.

teachers and tutors

Professional teaching covers a wide range of subjects. In fact, tutors can educate in a wide range of areas including creative subjects and business and workplace skills. If you have particular skills and expertise then teaching them to others is a great way to earn from home.This is another sector where there is an abundance of work and job opportunities as education and learning development will always be crucial.

Salary projections vary depending on subject matter and level of experience. However, the average tutor can earn £32,500 by working virtually.

Getting started

Whilst formal qualifications will prove your skills and capabilities, they aren’t completely necessary. If you can demonstrate your expertise in another way, such as a portfolio or proven success rate with previous clients, then this is a great start.

To teach children you need to make sure you’ve familiarised yourself with the curriculum. Know what skills and abilities are expected of each year group and how to help them reach this potential.

Becoming certified and joining associations such as the ITA (International Tutors Association) will open up more potential job opportunities. Consider registering with a tutoring agency like MyTutor, too. They have online lesson spaces where the student and teacher can video chat, share files, and use an interactive whiteboard.


Consultants offer specific advice or expertise to businesses in a wide range of areas including business strategy, finance, and marketing. This is an ideal role for someone with knowledge and experience in a specific area. Businesses continue to outsource and find expertise from external sources, suggesting that there will always be work in this area.

A consultant is one of the highest earning virtual jobs according to Resume.io’s research. The average salary approaches £50,000, although this varies on specialities, but there is the potential to earn much more.

getting started

It’s a relatively easy role to get started in. You need to identify your expertise, build a website or portfolio to advertise and display your services, and then you’re ready to go. Often in this area of work you’ll meet a lot of potential clients through networking and in related fields.

There are courses available where you can become a certified consultant. However, they tend to be specific to particular areas of expertise, such as management or sustainability.

interpreters and Translators

Translators are a high paid virtual job option

Another great role for people looking for virtual jobs is to work in languages and translation. According to Statista, in the last ten years the global language service market has doubled in size and Europe is now responsible for half of it. As a result, there are plenty of jobs in this area and it is continuing to grow.

This is a perfect job opportunity for someone fluent in at least one second language. An increasing demand for language communication services means this area of work can offer job security and potentially high earnings with the average salary around £41,750.

getting started

Having your own website will help you advertise your services to new clients. As well as this, there are plenty of agencies such as One Hour Translation and Unbabel where you have to complete an initial test assignment but once you’ve passed you will have access to new their jobs board.

more useful reading

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