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Where can you find the cheapest veggie meals?

Isobel Lawrance 21st May 2022 No Comments

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Where can you find the cheapest veggie meals?

Tomorrow may mark the end of National Vegetarian Week, but vegetarianism is expected to continue to grow in popularity beyond this. It is expected 8.8 million Brits are thinking of going meat free this year.

This got money thinking – where can you find the cheapest veggie meals? To find the answer to this, they compared the menus of popular fast-food chains across the UK. This revealed the cheapest vegetarian meal on average, as well as guidance on sustain a vegetarian diet whilst on a budget.


Top 15 cheapest veggie meals

cheapest veggie meals

Baked-goods favourite Greggs is at the top spot, providing the cheapest vegetarian meal. This costs only £2.83 on average – a bargain! They chain sell iconic vegan sausage rolls, vegan ‘steak’ bakes and more. This means you don’t have to miss out on your favourites, despite being a veggie.

Mexican chain Taco Bell follows behind in second place. The average vegetarian meal costs around £3.84, just over £1 more than at Greggs. Perfect if you want to add some Mexican flavour to your day.

Globally-loved McDonalds is in third place, with an average vegetarian meal costing £4.68. They launched their vegan ‘McPlant’ burger in October 2021, and has been a hit for vegans and vegetarians alike.

At the bottom of the list is Nando’s, with an average cost of £10.89 for a veggie meal. This is three times more than the average Greggs vegetarian meal in first place.


What the experts are saying

Florence Codjoe, personal finance expert from MONEY.CO.UK:

“Preparing veggie meals everyday may sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be. With the increasing growth of meat alternatives in recent years, this has become much more convenient for consumers. Cutting down meat and poultry consumption from time to time can also make a difference in reducing the cost of your food shop.

For those looking to try out ‘Vegetarian Week’, you may choose to re-create a list of your favourite meals ahead of time and find a veggie alternative for meat this way. This is also the perfect time to pre-plan your meals through the week, which is great not only for reducing your daily food shopping cost, but it ensures that you are purchasing exactly what you need and minimising food waste.”

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