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Work Less, Earn More: The Art of Delegation for Freelancers

Annie 1st Oct 2020 One Comment

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Getting distracted, managing work-life balance, or meeting tight deadlines are all struggles of the freelance career. Even the most experienced freelancers with years of practice, trial and error need a bit of help from time to time to manage their workload. The art of delegation for freelancers suits all stages of your self-employed career, too!

You’ve probably wondered if it’s worth the cost of delegating, what tasks you should outsource, and even how to delegate effectively. We’re going to show you that delegating as a freelancer is easy – and frees your time to focus on the money-earning side of things!

Focus on Your Strengths

The key to delegation for freelancers is knowing your strengths and weaknesses

When you do tasks that you’re not very good at or dislike, the process takes up hours of your day. They can also stress you out and reduce your overall productivity. On the other hand, productivity peaks when you’re doing things you love.

The art of delegation for freelancers starts with knowing what you’re not great at doing. Be honest with yourself – and see if you can find someone to take over the task for you! Another benefit is that the overall quality of your work improves, as you have more time to focus on it.

Outsource to other reliable freelancers

You don’t need to hire employees to delegate! Use other freelancers in your network to share the workload. This also helps boost your future opportunities, as they may send work your way, too. It’s a mutually beneficial situation.

Get to know a range of freelancers working within – and adjacent to – your industry. Then, when projects come in that need their expertise, you can outsource that element of the project. Because you’ve found the work, you can take a percentage of their usual cost as a “finder’s fee”, too (usually 10%). Freelancers are always grateful to have a community that sends work their way, so are often happy to give you that small amount as commission – because they’ve not had to work (or pay for marketing) to get the lead.

Outsourcing to freelancers keeps your costs low, too. You’re not responsible for paying their taxes or overheads, so it’s really easy to keep on top of the finances. Most freelancers working in this way will invoice the client as a whole, then send their outsourced amount to their freelancer friend. This, then, means the outsourced fee is also written off against the tax return.

More time on your hands

Another key advantage of delegation for freelancers is freeing more hours of your day. This additional time can now be used to perfect a skill that might increase the quality of your service or might bring in more business.

You could also use this time to reach out to more people and expand your client network. More free time gives you the opportunity to strategies further and think creatively about new ways to increase your revenue streams. Outsourcing reduces your workload, which might decrease your stress and exhaustion levels. You get more time to focus on the aspects of the job that you enjoy, which leads to feeling more satisfied with your career.

Get a virtual assistant

Delegation as a freelancer means trusting others to take on your tasks

Virtual assistants are a Godsend for many freelancers. They take on tasks like booking meetings and travel arrangements, managing social media, and handling admin like invoices and emails. It can save you SO much time each week – and because this type of work is THEIR skill set, it takes them less time than it’d take you to do, too!

A virtual assistant could handle a specific thing for you, like balancing your books at the end of each month. Or, you could make them a more central part of your freelance business and get them to handle all the admin and even social media stuff, too. Many freelancers use a virtual assistant for small tasks to start with, then build up their role as the business grows.

Check the MoneyMagpie Marketplace to see if there are any virtual assistants advertising their skills for you today!

Improve your tax returns

Your tax returns will be much easier to manage when you’ve got a virtual assistant or bookkeeper managing your invoices and expenses! If your annual tax return gives you a headache, it’s well worth hiring an accountant to do it for you. It’ll cost a couple of hundred quid. However, a good accountant will likely spot where you can save WAY more than that on your return, so it’s always worth investing in.

More than that, outsourcing fees you pay to assistants, other freelancers, and even business coaches can all be offset against your tax bill. So, using freelancers to support your business benefits you financially, too!

How to delegate effectively

The secret to the art of delegation for freelancers is to do it well. Here are some useful tips about delegating tasks properly to get the most out of this experience for both parties.

  • Write a clear brief for the freelancer
  • Include deadlines – and stick to them!
  • Make sure they have the tools to complete the job
  • Be available for them to ask questions
  • Avoid micromanaging – it defeats the point!
  • Always remember to thank your fellow freelance for their work.

The advantage of using freelancers, instead of employees, is that it’s a flexible arrangement on both sides. So, if you find that a freelancer hasn’t completed a project to your high standards, you’re not obliged to hire them again.

More Freelancing Tips

This is just one of many articles we’ve got to help new and established freelancers succeed with their career. Read these next!

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3 years ago

Thankyou for sharing these amazing points.

Jasmine Birtles

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Jasmine Birtles

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