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The Best Part-Time Freelance Jobs You Can Start Now

Lucy Miller 23rd Sep 2020 No Comments

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Got a taste of the work from home life and want to start working for yourself? Looking for new freelance work this autumn? Part-time freelance work has become increasingly popular, especially amongst young people, over the past few years. You’re definitely not alone in wanting a slice of the freelance pie for yourself! 

The flexibility and opportunity for creative work are just two of the reasons why people might consider taking on part-time freelance work rather than having a regular 9-5 job. Remember that if you’re taking on part-time freelance work, you’ll be responsible for saving up for and paying your own taxes. You should be aware of this even if you only want to take on a small amount of work. It’ll all add up!

You need to think about pensions, too. But that’s a subject for a different article. Here, we’ll think about a few of the part-time freelance jobs that you can start right now, before offering an idea on how MoneyMagpie can help… 

Good with numbers?

Accounting is a great part-time freelance jobs for maths experts

The Daily Mail outlines the significant spike in freelance job opportunities in recent months. The article identifies jobs within maths, stats and engineering as being the most high in demand. Apparently, there has been an 80.7% jump in demand for engineering jobs globally in recent times. For maths jobs, the growth was a whopping 99.6%. Not numbers to be sniffed at! 

According to the site, “The significant rise in data was due to tracking and tracing of coronavirus cases, hospitalisations, mortality rates, tests conducted and the impacts of the pandemic.” So not the happiest of reasons for a spike in potential jobs, but an opportunity to use your skills in this area if you do have them. 

IT and digital skills

Similarly to the above, those with digital and IT skills are in high demand at the moment. This is a broad remit, but as the BBC points out that these skills are useful because they’re needed across all sectors. Those that will need to increase the numbers within their digital and IT savvy workforce post-pandemic include everything from ecommerce (eg, online retail) brands to those in automation. Jobs that are likely to be in demand include:

  • Designers 
  • Web developers 
  • Software engineers 
  • Web security specialists 

There is strong competition in the market for these kinds of jobs, though, so make sure your skills are sharp!

Online teaching and tutoring 

A bit of a no-brainer, this one. Whilst schools are technically open again, demand for tutors will remain high as children miss classes due to quarantine or find that they’re only in for part of the week. With teachers already stretched, many have been unable to provide the high quality level of remote teaching that children need. Online tutors can be there to plug the gap. Look online for tutoring services, decide on your area of expertise and the age you want to tutor, and get yourself signed up!

Alternatively, you can take advantage of online courses to train yourself for freelance work. For example, you can take a Mortgage Advisor Course which will give you all the skills and qualifications necessary to launch your new career as a mortgage advisor.

Content Writing

Always a good bet if you want to take on part-time freelance work that you can do from home! Brands always need writers to populate their websites, and this need has hugely grown in the past couple of years. For the same reasons that we mentioned above when we discussed IT and digital skills, the trend is only likely to continue. 

Find copywriting jobs by looking on the jobs pages on LinkedIn, and keeping an eye on the social media feeds and job sections of your favourite brands’ websites. If you’ve got a particular desire to write for a brand, you could always email their marketing department detailing your experience too. We promise that we’ve heard of more than one writer gaining a regular client this way! 

Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is one of the most popular part-time freelance jobs

A great option if you’re super organised, and one that will often allow you a bit of creativity to boot. Lots of people who run their own businesses hire virtual assistants (VAs) to take on the things that they don’t have time for. This could be everything from sending their invoices to booking their travel to looking after their brand’s social media presence. 

Virtual assistants could do everything from diary management to social media. It’s a really varied role and often a way to get regular work from a few clients every month.

Become a seller on the MoneyMagpie Marketplace

What is the MoneyMagpie Marketplace, you might ask? It’s a very good question. In short, the MoneyMagpie Marketplace is a place where you can sell easily online, whether you’re a crafter or you’ve got a particular skill to sell. Our most popular channels include: 

  • Beauty, fitness and therapy services
  • Business services, eg designers, writers and IT professionals 
  • Selling old VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs (these pages are catnip for collectors!) 
  • Handmade items, eg crafts  
  • Vintage clothes selling 
  • Home skills, eg childminders, cleaners and dog walkers 

If you’ve got something to sell, or have got a skill in one of the above areas, you could pull in some extra cash by signing up to the MoneyMagpie Marketplace. So, what are you waiting for?! Find out more details here.

Find clients using online marketing

If you’re looking to start freelancing, you need to be savvy about your marketing. That is, how people are going to find out about your services. And these days, that means knowing how to find your potential audience online. 

Here are they key ways that you can do that:

  • Creating pages on social media (primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Using local community apps, groups or websites to make sure people know about your product or service (eg Nextdoor) 
  • Making sure you have a website that displays your product or service clearly, and updating it regularly 
  • Knowing who your competitors are, and making sure your offering is displayed as well as (if not better than) theirs 
  • Developing a newsletter so that your regular or potential customers can sign up to to keep up to date on your work 
  • Working on your SEO to ensure that your search rankings are high 

Have you started a new part-time freelance job this year? Tell us all about it on the forums!

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