How to invest £250,000

How to Invest £250,000

10 August 2020
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We’ve already covered how to invest if you’ve got a spare £10,000 to play with. But what if your coffers are looking a bit more rosy than that?

If you’ve got a bit more money to invest, you’ll want to consider longer term strategies for growth. It’s likely that, with a quarter of a million to potentially grow, you’re going to be relatively comfortable in your retirement anyway and don’t need to squirrel away your money in savings accounts or ISAs.

So, how should you look to invest if your financial pot is in the hundreds, rather than the tens, of thousands?

You might have come into money through inheritance, through selling a business, or for any number of other reasons. You should still think carefully even if you feel like you’re having a bit of a windfall, though. With investing, the main thing to think about is whether what you’re spending your money on will grow in the long-term. So sports cars, which will lose value, are most definitely out. Sorry, aspiring boy racers!

Here are some ideas for things that you can invest in that will grow, rather than fall, in value. If you want to learn how to invest fairly substantial sums of money, you might want to bookmark this one…

How to invest in property

How to invest in property to boost your capital

Investing in property can be a great way to make money in the long-term, especially if you’re savvy about the area that you buy in. A quarter of a million might not get you much in London, but buy in a smaller city or one with a thriving or growing student population you could find yourself with a number of properties that you could then make a tidy profit from.

Of course, there are various things that you can do with a property that you’ve invested in. You could rent it out to students in a university town, or to young professionals in up and coming areas. If you’ve invested in a project, on the other hand, you’re likely to want to spend some time making improvements before flipping it for a profit.

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