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Sam SmithSam Smith

Hi Maureen,

I was stopped by the police the other day. I was literally going for a drive with my dog around the country lanes, no destination in mind. I live in a remote rural area and wanted to run my car to make sure the battery was charged. And it gave my dog and I a change of scenery. If the battery dies I’m stranded, so running my car is necessary to be getting out and about when I need to. I don’t want to have to call the AA and interact with them if I don’t need to.

We were pulled over 2 miles into our journey. I told the officer the truth and also said that I wasn’t planning on leaving the car throughout the journey. My Type-R its my favourite toy and I just wanted to go for a cruise. Due to me not actually going anywhere I wasn’t in breach of any social isolation rules. The officer in question understood and let me go on my way. I was polite and so was he. He did advise me to do this sparingly though. Such as once a week.

I’ve driven to my local village and back to collect takeaways and shop for essentials. I’ve not been pulled over since.