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    Obviously film and TV is another industry that has been severely affected, and a lot of it’s workers freelance or are self-employed. Is this going to lead to a struggle in the industry trying to get back onto it’s feel post-COVID? And will people who work in this industry be feeling the effects for a long time afterwards?



    I think same as lot of creative industry, some aspects may change permanently and not necessary a bad things.


    It’s been hit really hard – especially as lots are either individual Limited companies (so they don’t qualify much on the SEISS scheme OR furlough), or they’re PAYE contractors who run short contracts month-to-month and won’t have been on payroll at the required time.

    There’s likely to be a shakeup of the creative industries as a whole – but I think the positive thing is seeing how many theatres and TV productions are already adapting with things like online performances etc. The industry is massive and won’t die – but it could take some time to recover.

    The positive thing is that things like castings are still taking place – just via online and video auditions. This shows that the industry is keen to get back up and running, and they’re already planning for the next wave of productions right now!

    Just as an aside, if you’re a creative freelance at a loss right now, we’ve got a guide all about how to make money while everything’s shut!

    Has anyone in the industry been involved in creative things during lockdown?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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