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    I stumbled across money magpie today for the first time. Love the wide choice of topics and advice available. Can see myself becoming a frequent visitor to the site


    I think it’s the best money related advice website.


    I’ve only just discovered this too.. was looking for some advice for my brother on how to start his own business and this seems like the place to find it


    Oh, this was a Friday afternoon boost to read! I’m so glad you found us and find the information useful. We always want to write articles that help our readers – so if there are topics you’d like to see covered, let us know!


    I stumbled across money magpie today for the first time. Love the wide choice of topics and advice available. Can see myself becoming a frequent visitor to the site

    I stumbled across them too not so long ago, and I can tell you its the best place ever for help advice,  great prizes n freebies up for grabs, everyone is amazing on here. ive learned so much in such a small time. I recommend you stay a member 🙂 welcome to the community

    anything specific you wanted to ask? just assumed from title you be asking something. no matter how small or stupid you may think it is, just ask someone will know how to help you, and trust me you wont feel stupid when you see the replies. read over all the forum topics your sure to find something specific to you that will help. and read as many of their articles as you can, there always a great read and very helpful



    A little while ago I moved into a private rented flat. I hadn’t been there long when it became obvious my landlady was, what people refer to as a rogue landlord. When I was given my tenancy agreement it said I hadn’t paid any deposit or rent in advance, she then told me I had to pay to be a month in advance, even though I already had. I paid as I felt I had no other option. It was a flat in a block of 26 and, over the months I saw many illegal evictions; violent ones ( men threatening young Mums with guns in front of their kid & flats being made uninhabitable so a tenant would have to leave). I couldn’t feel settled knowing that my turn would come, and it did. I was out visiting my Nan and when I got home everything I owned was gone & the locks had been changed. I wasn’t in any arrears and hadn’t been given any notice to leave. The council put me in emergency accommodation & a year later I’m happy in a lovely new home, but is there anything I can do to recoup some of my losses. Can I take it to a small claims court? If so, is there a time limit and does it cost anything? Can I sue for a breach of the tenancy agreement and for all my property that was stolen? The police weren’t very helpful at all, even though they know she does this all the time.

    I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.




    This sounds dreadful and I think you should go for it. I know what you mean about the time factor but with a shock like that it can take people a while to get strong enough to take something like this on.

    I suggest you go first to your local Citizens Advice, let them know the situation and see what they say.

    You can also speak to the people at Shelter because they deal with rogue landlords a lot, as you can imagine, and they will be able to give you ideas.

    You should definitely pull together as much evidence as possible of everything that she did and everything that you did, including bank statements, any written (or emailed) notes you got from her, any copies of the contract etc. The more evidence you have, the better. What a shame the police didn’t do anything. It sounds like something you should tell the Council about once you have had satisfaction from this nasty landlady.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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