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Home Schooling

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    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you and your loved ones are keeping well.

    How do manage home schooling? Is there any charities/teachers offering help at reasonable price for working parents who are not key workers, but both working remotely.

    Best regards,

    K. Brad



    It very much depends on the age of your children, doesnt it, how hard the schooling is.  I have 2: 7 and 5, one school year apart but in a village school,  so they are in the same class.  Even with these 2 it is hard and they quite like learning.

    But what I’d say is don’t stress, so many people are struggling with not doing as much as they feel they should.  As long as I get them to read a little each day and some kind of maths activity (often linking it to something we are doing or playing- ie counting out flower seeds in a pot and dividing them into 2 or 3) I’m happy. We’ll get there.


    If you’re looking for help with your home schooling, we’ve written a guide on where to find good online tutors to help your children at all ages:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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