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    are any of you involved with inboxpounds survey site? if so how do you find it? how long have you been a member? have you had payouts? have you had contacted them at somepoint about anything? whats your fav thing on it? do you do the spin to win wheel? do you ever win anything or just always no win? how do you find their search engine?

    id really love to hear about peoples experiences with them.

    iv been with them many years now, and I quite like it, I have had payouts and usually they process the cheque quite quickly. and when you request your cheque you get a pound bonus. the threshold for payout is pretty low at just 20quid but you can build it up to whatever amount you want.

    at the beginning I didn’t qualify for many surveys been in few categorys, since I don’t work, don’t have my own place, don’t have my own family, no pets ect. plus to start with I was ill and at uni so didn’t have the same time to dedicate that I have today. my circumstances above haven’t changed but now I do qualify for more surveys. for every survey you don’t qualify for you get a chance to spin to win, but you can only bank 100 spins, and use 10 spins a day.

    they have a search engine and for every 4th search you do that qualifys for a some pennies. depends on the quality of searches how much you win. you can do it up to about 7 sets of searches.

    used to love the spin to win wheel, I used to win lots of pennies and tokens, now I think its rigged to just almost always give you no win. funny enough this started happening 2-3 months into lockdown, so either there been tight, or been effected and want to save money or they felt people was abusing it by only using it to gain money.

    they have offers which you earn for completing, I personally only do the free ones.


    I have been a member for a few years, but it takes so long to get to £20.00, I have completed some of the free offers, and have had 2 pay outs by cheque  through the post, it’s a slow burner, but free money if your patient.


    I am also interested in this survey site... So far I work on Vindale Research and Qmee, I want to try this one, but nee more reviews about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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