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Is Eat Out to Help Out working?

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    Jasmine Birtles

    So I’m writing this in a local cafe on a Monday and I’m looking forward to a half price bill. But I’m surprised that it’s not full to bursting. Admittedly I’m in London and there are a lot of eateries here but half of them are closed and at this time of the evening lots of the cafes are closed anyway.

    I really would have thought that more people would have taken advantage of this fab offer – even if it’s at McDonald’s for a half-price burger.

    What’s it like round your area? Are places full? Or are people still afraid of going out? I can’t quite work it out.

    Marc Crosby

    In my area the restaurants do generally seemed to be booked up Monday-Wednesday – in fact, there was a post on our local Facebook group from someone who had their partner’s birthday upcoming, and she couldn’t get a spot because she underestimated how much EOTHO would impact things.

    I’ve also noticed some of my family members, who rarely eat out, have done so a few times this month.

    That being said, I’m not sure how many of the people going Mon-Weds are the people who would have normally gone Fri/Sat and simply moved the day. Very hard to say!


    We have used this a few times to support a very local cafe and chippy.  Each time they have been mostly empty.  It would be good to extend this for another month because we are in a ‘local lockdown’ area and I think this has had an impact on people going out and using the EOTHO scheme locally and therefore businesses haven’t seen the full benefit x


    It is such a shame that the offer is done 🙁


    Around here most big food places are empty, a lot of people i know have started growing their own food, eating healthier and now don’t want to ruin their new eating plan even if it means saving a few quid.

    Also a lot of people are angry about this initiative, the government are doing all they can to help these big corporations, but in every town in this country there will be a small family run fast food takeaway place which has stayed open all through lockdown keeping us fed, usually offering special deals for health workers with no help or support from the government or local councils.

    Finally, our government have spent years telling British people that they’re over-weight and unhealthy, now they’re giving us half price big-macs!


    up here in scotland i heard every restaurant that was open was bursting at the seams to the stage people was queing outside.

    i was still sheilding, and even now i rarely go out. im still very wary. i still sanatise, keep my distance, and if possible (when my lungs allow) wear a mask. and the people who are in direct contact with me still do the same.

    people here are now mostly pretending covid dont exist, its like normal for most folk exept the vulnerable and that prices have soared so high for everything


    wow. it’s useful for me. thanks



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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