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issues contacting 02

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    does anyone here work for 02? or have trouble trying to get in touch with them?

    I cant seem to get in touch or get a reply from them and I do have questions id like to ask them. im deaf so I cant phone, I cant write because of strokes, there online chat isn’t there anymore, there not responding to my emails, my local closed years ago and id have to go to Renfrew or Glasgow shopping centres to gain access to one, and even then its appointment only, im terminally ill so im in the vulnerable category where im shielding so I cant go out Scotland is still in lockdown and id rather not risk it, im not pn social media for my own safety, cant find a text option plus I don’t want it to cost me. its very annoying there not catering for the deaf for contacting with the emails and online chat now. any ideas how I can get them to answer me?

    see I heard there to merge with virgin, I don’t know if its happened or if its just rumour, but I have questions I want to ask them. things like are they or have they merged? will it affect my pay and go tariff? why didn’t they tell us clients via email or text?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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