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Purchases Post-Lockdown

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    How reliable is it going to be buying in a post-lockdown world? Is it likely that events in much later summer (August ish) will still be going ahead? Are flights expected to be much cheaper to get people back onto planes? Or is it just foolish to buy anything right now? Thanks!


    I’m itching to book a holiday and was wondering this myself. I think Downing Street advised last week that we’re not to book our summer holidays, and I guess it would be a risk, but it would be awesome to have some idea of when we might be able to.

    Of course, tackling the health issue is first priority, but can’t wait to be able to relax on a sunny beach again!


    I’m thinking it will be better to just write it off for this year, and see how things settle down for next year. If holidays are cheaper, we may try to book, but I am not looking forward to going through the airport any time soon, if I am completely honest.


    Definitely, tackling COVID and making sure everyone is as safe as possible it the priority, but I had a couple of things in mind for September-ish time and curious how things will be then, as it all changes so quick.

    I also have close friends and family over in Ireland – I’m not expecting to make a long haul trip anytime soon but in the next few months will short distance flights be viable and safe?


    I think it will come down to own personal preference regarding travelling this year.  It does look promising that countries are now looking at how tourist can be welcomed back,  guess we need to see what FCO say relating to travel.

    Hubby wants us to go to Thaliand at Christmas


    does this just mean holidays? or any kind of purchase? im going by the title.

    I think regards to flights n holidays it will be personal preference, but I think its best to go by you wont get anywhere this year and look forward to planning next year. then if the situation is better sooner you may get the chance of something then that’s just a bonus. id continue to save for it, never know when you need something for a rainy day/emergency anyways and the bonus youl probably have extra for your next holiday that way. it will be very strange for the first you go back on flights n to other countries, keep that in mind, so you don’t get your hopes up of the original plan. you can still have fun in your home country.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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