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Should I be nervous about shops reopening on the highstreet

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    Im sure youve all seen the pictures on the news and on Facebook that shops on the highstreet are reopening but the queues for people to get into Primark or other shops like that that arent essential makes me nervous. How are we all going to be distancing with masks etc when big shops arent providing masks for their staff. And how long will I be waiting.

    Has anyone done it and do they have any tips


    I cant help sorry iv been shielding and here in Scotland we are still in lockdown.

    but im very nervous to go back to shops when they open. I see pics online of people queuing and people pushing and shoving and fighting to get into the open shops in England. so im very reluctant to try till much later when everything settles and is worked out so that its monitored. id defo wear a mask, no doubt about that you can buy your own on amazon. and id wear gloves if you can too. and keep sanitiser in your pocket.

    have you been shielding for having a vulnerable condition? if so id defo wait an extra while before going. just to be on safe side. id stick to a social bubble at home. then you can still see people but at safe distance.

    I belive there is going to be a second wave al over the world, so best to wait extra to see that’s over properly. I think boris has done stuff too early and the riots wont be helping. I think that since its large gatherings it will trigger another wave. I know everyone is bored, but best to be cautious than sorry and get it.

    keep safe


    i’m still too nervous to go out and queue. my daughter and her friends are going out to the park but i’m still too concerned to go to a shopping centre because it seems so silly. why would i queue for a pillowcase when there are still people who are losing their families.


    i’m not nervous about shopping its just how we will have to act,queuing,herded around like cattle,distancing and hiding our faces,but also i dont really need to go to town as before there was not much there before the virusas most shops were closing down and the streets were a mess,i would only go really for a haircut ,banking or to meet people,but banking and meeting people i can do without or go on the internet so nothing to get me to town as i can get everything off the internet,if i could get my hair cut off the internet that would be great,might happen in the future,a virtual haircuts or i could just get the pudding bowl out like my mum used to do with us or even have my hair like i had it in the 70s long back to the hippy age,it’s a shame for the high streets but i think the future is the internet shopping now.i also think there will be a second wave coming until there is a vaccine nothing will be the same again.


    It will be sometime before I will visit the High street, I haven’t got the best patience, without having to queue to get into a shop, that is non essential.


    So now things have started to reopen – have you been into town yet? Or are you still waiting for things to settle down?

    I’m in York, and what’s been interesting here is how many places haven’t opened yet. They’ve got signs up saying “we’re opening in the next week/fortnight” because they, too, want to make sure they avoided ‘the rush’ that was anticipated last weekend. I think many shop owners want to see what’s working for other retailers before they make changes to their own store layouts etc, too.

    I prefer shopping online anyway, especially as I’m disabled and some shops aren’t equipped to handle the simple “Excuse me, do you have a policy for Blue Badge holders?” question when faced with a very long queue. I even had one ask me to show the badge… when I said “well, it’s in my car…” they told me off for not having it on me! (You have to leave it in your car when you’re parked in a disabled bay, that’s literally the point of it). On good days, I’m happy to queue – but standing for a long time is not possible most days so a clear policy of how to handle it would be helpful.

    What do you all think about masks? Should they be compulsory in shops?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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