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    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where I stand, given the current situation, regarding services that have been paid for but not yet used. At the end of Feburary I paid £1600 for a course of laser hair removal treatment, using my debit card, over the phone for which I received an emailed receipt. I did not book or use any of the sessions before the clinic announced on their website that due to the Covid-19 outbreak they were closing the clinic and suspending all treatments until further notice. As they are newly opened clinic (under a year I believe) I am concerned that, should they go into administration due to loss of business, I will lose my money. I have tried to call them but their phones just ring and I have emailed them to enquire about the possibility of a refund until the situation surrounding Covid-19 is clearer, but unsurprisingly I have not received a response.


    Hi Sarah,

    What a pain! They don’t have to give you a refund yet, unfortunately. They can offer a new course date for you to take – and only if you can’t make the new date can you request a refund. As you paid on your debit card, unfortunately there’s little payment protection or way to claim that back from your bank (unlike with a credit card provider, who is jointly liable for any purchase over £100).

    It is likely they will try to keep hold of all prepaid courses and reschedule them, rather than offer refunds – especially if they’re a new business. If they do go into administration, you’re able to register as a creditor owed money (but you may not get your full money back).

    Sorry I don’t have better news for you right now – keep trying with the emails, and phone calls, and maybe see if they have a social media channel that you can try, too. The squeaky wheel gets oiled!


    We also have had some similar treatment booked. They told us to trust them and that all will be rearranged when life returns to normal. We’re happy to go along with this rather than chasing the refund, as annoying as it is.


    Unfortunately this seems to be the situation I’ve had as well. I booked a few treatments for the summertime but at the moment I don’t know whether the salon will be open or not so annoyingly can’t do anything yet to try and rearrange or ask for a refund.


    I think this is the frustration a lot of us are facing! Without a definite ‘end date’ of the lockdown, we can’t make plans very far into the future.

    The best thing to do is to stay in touch with whoever has your money – the closer you get to the date of the thing you’ve booked, the pushier you can get about arranging a refund or postponement.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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