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was Dominic Cummings right to do what he did

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    He broke the lockdown rules, not once but several times. He showed no remorse or contrition, he came across as someone rather full of himself. The Barnard Castle “eye test” excuse was ludicrous. His cavalier attitude towards the lockdown regulations has given carte blanche to anyone who wants to ignore the various measures to stop the spread of the virus.


    As I understand it, under the lockdown rules at the time, him travelling to arrange potential childcare for his young son when both him and his wife had the virus was permissable.  On the other hand, his visit to Baynard Castle was not.  The police said if they had stopped him on his way to the castle they would have asked him to return to his place of residence – if he had done that then they would take no action.  They are not planning on imposing retrospective fines for anyone, including Dominic Cummings.  The attack on him is largely politically motivated – I bet plenty of people did what he did for the same reasons but none of them had it splashed over the papers.  Oh, and the supposed second sighting of him in Durham after he had returned to London was made up by some idiot who was trying to be funny.  Let’s keep things in proportion – anyone would think he had killed someone with all the media fuss that has been going on.  The media in general has behaved abominably throughout the entire covid-19 crisis – first terrifying people to an unreasonable extent and then encouraging stupid behaviour as soon as lockdown was eased a little.  I am no fan of Cummings but the faux outcry is making me feel a little nauseous.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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