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Have a cheap holiday in the UK with the kids

20th Feb 2017

Many Brits will be doing their annual holiday at home in the UK this year to cut costs. But travelling around the UK can sometimes work out just as expensive if you’re not careful. We show you how to save money with these top tips, whether you’re looking for cheap accommodation, best value parking or free…

Budget meals for students – A week of cheap fish recipes for £3.99

14th Feb 2017

What – cheap fish recipes? But isn’t fish expensive, even in the supermarket? Not all of it. In Waitrose, which wouldn’t claim to be the cheapest supermarket, 600g coley fillets cost £3.99. So, that’s the basis of six days’ dinners for under £4. Not bad. On the seventh day you can rest. From eating fish…

Foraging = Free food!

14th Feb 2017

Go foraging as soon as the leaves and berries are out because it’s all FREE FOOD! Here are some tips for getting free food for yourself, your family and your neighbours. Share and you can all have delicious free food on the table. How to find free food in your neighbourhood Nettle soup Blackberry crumble…

No Food Waste – Uses For Sour Milk

13th Feb 2017

Yes you CAN use milk that is just on the turn. I was inspired to find out more about this when I poured milk into my tea this morning, only to take a sip and discover something really didn’t taste right. But you don’t need to throw it away! You can use it – and in…

Top 5 Euro currency accounts

1st Feb 2017

Looking for a euro currency account but not sure which one to choose? Fear not – here at MoneyMagpie we’ve compiled a list of the top five euro currency accounts so you can pick the one that’s most convenient for you. Who should have a euro currency account? Best for business Best for convenience Best for those…

What is travel insurance?

12th Jan 2017

What is travel insurance? It’s what you pay in case you have an accident or emergency when you’re away. It should include travel medical insurance and insurance against losing your baggage among other things. It is possible to get quite a lot of medical problems dealt with for free in Europe thanks to the EHIC…

Switzerland’s Heart: Living the Good Life in Bern

2nd Jan 2017

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, this capital city is located right in the heart of Switzerland. Built around a hairpin turn in the river Aare, Bern is quite cosmopolitan with beautiful churches, bridges, the famous Zytglogge (clock tower), and even a bear park. Small wonder Bern has consistently been rated among the…

Beyond Spring Break: Five Reasons to Love South Padre Island, Texas

2nd Jan 2017

South Padre Island, Texas is probably best known as being an idyllic spring breakers’ paradise. While it is true that there are more people in town, there is still plenty of space and attractions, making this small island the perfect destination for laid-back island living. If I had to limit my choices, here are five…

Helsinki Finland, Summertime Fun in the Land of the Midnight Sun

1st Jan 2017

While Helsinki may be one of the coldest destinations in the world in winter, summertime with its long days of sunshine,  brings out the crowds to this Finnish city located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. With 150 miles of coastline, more than 300 islands, trendy shops and restaurants, as well as loads of…

Canal barging: idyllic cruise vacation

1st Jan 2017

There’s a reason why people who have taken canal cruises are often repeat customers. Pastoral landscapes serenely pass by at 4 mph, allowing you to take in all that your senses intended. Add to this gourmet food, personalised service and daily excursions and you have the perfect relaxing vacation. My wife and I booked a…

How to be rich – The magic formula!

20th Dec 2016

Easy steps to get rich? Really? Well, yes! Follow the straightforward rules in this eBook and you will surprise yourself with how much money you have accumulated in a few years’ time. This eBook will show you how to: Get out of debt Plan ahead Spend less The basics of investing Make a bit on…

Can I go to prison for debt?

15th Dec 2016

We’ve been asked, “can I go to prison for debt?” What really happens if you fall behind on your debts? Could you end up behind bars? A hundred years ago this was a grim reality for many people, but nowadays in the vast majority of cases, the answer is thankfully “no”…   First, a little…