Make money if you have a physical disability

Reading Time: 12 mins If you’re physically disabled there are lots of ways to make money on the side in easy and unexpected ways, even if you’re not very mobile. (Keep an eye out for a new series coming soon that will cover other types of unseen disabilities and mental health.) Here’s a list of just some of the … read more

How to make money by getting healthy

Reading Time: 4 mins Need an incentive to get out and get healthy? Good news! The MoneyMagpie team has uncovered a myriad of ways to make money by getting healthy and we can’t wait to share them with you. From utilising your health insurance to playing guinea pig for clinical trials, here are a few surprisingly simple ideas. Apps … read more

Make Money from your Outbuilding

Reading Time: 3 mins Homeowners are seeking ways to combat the currently all-too-notorious rises in energy bills and the cost of living crisis that’s all over the news right now. From renting out your driveway to turning your shed into a source of income, there are plenty of ways your home could serve you in making cash. One such … read more

13 ways to make and save money from your garden

Reading Time: 12 mins No matter how small your garden may be, you can earn a sweet mint this summer with some of our clever outdoor money-making ideas. From using the soil for growing saleable produce to renting your garden for private functions, there are loads of ways to earn pretty pounds from those lovely petals. Here are a … read more

How to make money from your house….room by room

Reading Time: 6 mins There are so many ways to make money from your house, either to help with running costs, energy bills or even to make a profit. You might be prepared to use your whole house to make some extra money by renting it out as a location for tv or film. Or you might prefer to … read more

Realistic ways to make money from your car

Reading Time: 5 mins Running a car can be expensive, but did you know you can make money from your car? You can make money renting out your driveway, but what about the vehicle which sits upon it? There are lots of fun ways you can make money with your car. From becoming a driving instructor, selling a rare … read more

Make Money from Vintage Clothing

Reading Time: 12 mins Vintage clothing is in. More and more people are buying it, therefore it’s easier than ever to make money from selling retro fashion. It’s official: second-hand is sexy! Endorsement from fashion icons, such as supermodel Kate Moss and stylist Bay Garnett, has helped charity shop fashion take hold on the high street. That’s great news … read more

8 ways to make money from your postcode

Reading Time: 7 mins Did you know you can make money from your postcode? Whether you’re in the country or in the town, you can make some extra cash simply by being where you are. Let’s examine the top 8 methods to make money from your postcode below: Your postcode can make you £800 today! Find local work Be … read more

9 great ways to make money from your living room and bedroom

Reading Time: 10 mins As the colder weather continues on, there’s the temptation to begin a hibernation process in your living room. It’s all well and good if you have a trust fund, but that’s not the case for most of us. Earning usually means leaving the house. Unless, of course, you try one of our top tips to … read more

How to make money from your shed

Reading Time: 9 mins You may not have set foot in it for years, it may be full of tools and garden equipment. But did you know that wooden shack at the bottom of your garden could make you some extra money? There are many ways to make money from your home, and your shed is just one of … read more

How to make money by being a cuddler

Reading Time: 6 mins Enjoy showing your affection by smothering friends and family in hugs? Ever thought of converting your tactile generosity to cash by becoming a professional cuddler? Probably not. Well, we’re here to tell you that this is indeed a job description and one that may be worth investigating. Let’s take a look. What is a cuddler? … read more

Detox your life: exercise for free

Reading Time: 9 mins Warning: This article contains discussion of food, eating habits and body image. If this is something which may trigger you, please feel free to click off – we have loads of other great articles for you! Despite popular belief, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to detox your life. Fitness doesn’t come at the … read more

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