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Easter Eggs Tried and Tested – 2019

Charli 7th Apr 2019 No Comments

Reading Time: 13 minutes

Want to know the best value, most beautiful looking Easter eggs this year?

We used our chocolate eating eggs-pertise to find you the very best chocolatey treats on offer!

We tested a host of yummy chocolate eggs for you again…it’s a tough job…so that you can snap up the tastiest Easter treats, at the very best price.

It was sooo hard for us, and we may be a bit heavier as a result, but someone had to do it!



Woman eating chocolate bar

We tested using the following criteria – we’re professional chocolate scoffers don’t you know!

  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Value for money

So after all that here’s our pick of the best Easter eggs available this year…



If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to get the best Easter eggs on the market then look no further…

ASDA Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Easter Egg – (£5)

Easter Eggs - ASDA_Extra Special Hand-Finished Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Salted Caramel

This giant 290g egg is studded with crisp, salted caramel pieces, finished with a brush of Belgian dark and white chocolate and served with indulgently rich sea salted caramel flavour truffles.

Presentation: We are very impressed with the presentation of ASDA’s luxury brand milk chocolate and salted caramel egg. It looks classy and artsy and doesn’t immediately scream “own brand”.

Taste: So good! We found this one very moreish and even felt it could rival named brands like Toblerone in the quality of the taste.

Value for money: This is a BIG egg, so £5 is an absolute steal! The quality and presentation are great, plus you get extra truffles too! An egg like this would cost closer to £8 in many other places!


ASDA Extra Special Hand Decorated Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg – (£5)

Easter Eggs - ASDA_Extra Special Hand-Finished Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Cherry

A large 290g egg studded with crisp, cherry pieces, finished with a brush of white chocolate and served with decadent cherry flavour truffles. Fancy.

Presentation: Another presentational triumph for ASDA’s luxury own brand “Extra Special”, this beautiful dark chocolate and cherry egg looks more like a piece of art than an Easter egg! Coupled with the classy purple and gold box, it really does look pretty luxurious.

Taste: For those of you that aren’t big lovers of dark chocolate this egg may change your mind! The freeze-dried cherry pieces really give it a sweet and zingy kick to offset that slight bitterness of the chocolate. We enjoyed this egg a lot more than we thought we would!

Value for money: We can’t really fault ASDA on their value for money when you can get eggs of this quality for just £5!


ASDA Extra Special Belgian White Chocolate & Tangy Raspberry Easter Egg – (£5)

Easter Eggs - ASDA_Extra Special Hand-Finished Belgian White Chocolate Egg with Raspberry

Another extra-large, extra-fancy egg from ASDA! This egg Belgian white chocolate egg is studded with freeze-dried raspberries and raspberry flavour Belgian white chocolate truffles. YUM!

Presentation: Of the three luxury eggs ASDA sent us, this is probably the least beautiful looking (not to say it doesn’t still look great). The gold and purple box with purple ribbon is a very classy touch though. Over-all we are still impressed. 

Taste: White chocolate lovers you’re in for a treat. This egg is so good, you can really taste the freeze-dried raspberry pieces and they add a tangy edge to the sweetness of the white chocolate perfectly. The truffles are also delicious.

Value for money: Seriously, what are you waiting for?! These luxury eggs from ASDA for just £5 are amazing value for money! We would definitely recommend you treat yourselves this Easter. 


Cocoa et Co. Belgian Milk Chocolate Geometric Egg 280g – (£9 at Sainsbury’s)

Easter Eggs - Cocoa-et-co_Geometric Egg_Sainsbury's

Milk Chocolate hollow egg shimmered in brown amber with milk chocolate caramel chocolates.

Presentation: Well what can we say, it’s GOLD! Not real gold of course, but the gold dusting looks pretty darn fancy and the geometric pattern on the front looks very classy.

Taste: Nice quality creamy milk chocolate. Beware! You will get gold/bronze shimmer powder all over your hands!

Value for money: This is the most expensive egg on our list, it does look really good and we think we could see it on a shelf in Waitrose so it’s not really surprising that it’s almost £10. This is one for you adults that feel like you or your partner deserve something a bit special this Easter. Not so much for your super budget-eers.


Moser Roth Raspberry Duo Egg – (£2.99 at Aldi)

Moser Roth Raspberry Duo Egg From Aldi

Half milk chocolate on one side and dark chocolate with a raspberry flavour pink swirl on the other! Also available in Belgian milk and white chocolate laced with forest fruits flavour and Belgian milk chocolate with caramel flavoured white chocolate swirl flavour.

Presentation: This egg looks very fancy. It’s the only split egg we’ve seen and it really works. Nobody would ever know this was a budget egg from looks alone.

Taste: Smooth good quality Belgian milk chocolate on one side and rich dark chocolate on the other. We couldn’t taste any raspberry though.

Value for money: We could hardly believe this luxurious looking egg was only £2.99!! It looks so much more expensive and although it’s split into 2 halves it’s still 200g worth of chocolate! Amazing value for money!!



Sometimes even adults deserve a little chocolatey treat at Easter (perhaps especially adults!). Here’s a few more sophisticated Easter eggs for the grown-ups.

Maltesers Buttons XL Egg – (£6 From Tesco)

Easter Eggs - Maltesers Buttons Egg - Tesco

Exclusive to Tesco this extra large Maltesers buttons egg is a whopping 271g and comes with not one, not two, but THREE bags of Maltesers Buttons!

Presentation: Typical branded Easter egg packaging. You can’t see the egg through the box but it’s fairly obvious what you get for your money.

Taste: You can be pretty sure with branded eggs that the chocolate will be a high quality, that’s what’s made them a successful brand after all! And who doesn’t love maltesers?!

Value for money: Branded eggs cost more, that’s a fact. You’re paying for the guaranteed quality. £6 for an XL egg is about standard these days although we still think it’s rather a lot. If you’re looking for an egg that you can guarantee the quality of, then it’s probably worth spending the £6 though.


Reese’s XL Egg – (£6 From Tesco)

Easter Eggs - Reeses Easter Egg - Tesco

Another Tesco exclusive – This extra large Reese’s egg is perfect for all you peanut butter lovers out there and comes with 3 delicious Reese’s cups filled eggs!

Presentation: Very typical branded Easter egg packaging. The bright yellow does draw you in though.

Taste: If you love peanut butter, you will LOVE the creme eggs included. The main egg itself is OK, not the most amazing quality chocolate but lets face it – that bit’s just a bonus!

Value for money: Reese’s are actually an American brand and like most imported food products normally cost a bit more than your average products, so £6 actually seems fairly reasonable to us.


Sainsbury’s Swiss White Chocolate Bunny, Taste the Difference 440g – (£6 £5)

Giant white chocolate bunny - Sainsbury's

Giant hollow Swiss white chocolate bunny. Perfect for all you “big kids”.

Presentation: Well it looks impressive! When we say ‘giant’ we really mean it as this gorgeous figurine stands at 34.5cm tall! Normally chocolate figures are aimed more at children but we think this one is too good for kids!

Taste: Smooth and sweet white swiss chocolate. Very decadent.

Value for money: £5 may sound high, but this chocolate bunny figure is huge! That’s only £1.13 per 100g!



Let’s face it, Easter eggs are really aimed at kids, and the majority of us will buy them for our littles ones. So here’s some fun and tasty deals to make your little darlings’ mouths water.

ASDA Unicorn Egg – (£3.50)

Easter Eggs - ASDA Unicorn Egg

White chocolate hollow egg with milk chocolate speckled eggs (140g).

Presentation: This egg comes in a very cute, brightly coloured cardboard unicorn figure box and looks pretty special with the in-laid mini eggs on the front.

Taste: Not the most amazing white chocolate we have ever tried but the chocolate and mini-eggs combo works well and we did eat the whole thing pretty quick!

Value for money: We might have knocked another 50p off this one if we were pricing it but the quality of the chocolate is good and the mini-eggs decoration seems to be unique so we think it’s pretty good value.


ASDA Dinosaur EGG – (£3.50)

Easter Eggs - ASDA Dinosaur Egg

Milk chocolate hollow egg with milk chocolate speckled eggs (140g).

Presentation:  This egg comes in a very cool, brightly coloured cardboard dinosaur figure box and looks really unusual with the mini eggs set into the front.

Taste: Smooth milk chocolate with a satisfying crunch from the inlaid mini-eggs. Ate in one sitting (oops!).

Value for money: Again £3.50 felt a little high (not expensive though). We did really enjoy the unique crunchiness of the mini-eggs so we would probably buy this one again. Don’t they say you get what you pay for!


Sainsbury’s Nibbles Milk Chocolate Bunny 150g – (£2.75)

Nibbles Chocolate Bunny - Sainsbury's

Milk chocolate hollow shaped bunny with white chocolate, dark chocolate and orange coloured confection.

Presentation: This bunny is Adorable! It looks great with the white and coloured chocolate detailing. You almost don’t want to break it up to eat it… almost.

Taste: We were REALLY IMPRESSED with the quality of the chocolate used for this figure! The chocolate tastes just like Galaxy! Easily as nice as a Thorntons figure if not better! So creamy and smooth.

Value for money: £2.75 for a beautifully designed chocolate figurine is pretty reasonable. You’ll pay at least a few £s more from a shop like Thorntons and we’re not sure they’re much better!


Pick ‘n’ Mix Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg 210g – (£3 at Sainsbury’s)

Easter Eggs - Sainsbury's Pick 'n' Mix Egg

Milk chocolate and white chocolate Easter egg with a candy mix front filling of mini marshmallows, jelly beans and dolly mix.

Presentation: The egg comes in a clear plastic box and really draws you in. The chocolate and sweets get your mouth watering before you’ve even opened the packaging. We were slightly disappointed there weren’t more sweets on it or in it though.

Taste: The blend of smooth milk chocolate and tangy sweeties was really nice – particularly good for those that enjoy that great combo of chocolate and sweets.

Value for money: £3 is really great value for an egg with a bit of character. You’d probably pay the same amount for just a simple chocolate shell from a brand, so the fact you get a beautifully designed egg with 2 types of chocolate and sweets is pretty good.


dairyfine Curious Inventions easter egg (£2.99 from aldi)

Curious Inventions Salted Caramel Fudge Sundae Easter egg from Aldi

For a creative, flavourful spin on a traditional chocolate egg, check out the Curious Inventions Easter Egg. These really funky milk chocolate eggs come in 4 different flavours; Popping Candy or Honeycomb or NEW Cookies and Cream or Salted Caramel Fudge Sundae

Presentation: This is a really fun-looking egg which is good for adults as well as children. It’s a change from the usual with sweets/honeycomb/fudge/cookies attached to the front.

Taste: We tried the Salted Caramel Fudge Sundae version. The combination of smooth chocolate, crunchy biscuit balls, butterscotch pieces and salted caramel fudge chunks was amazing! You’ll be sure to see some happy faces with this egg.

Value for money – At £2.99 this is really good value. It was packaged well, is a good size (200g) and looks solid and fun. Definitely worth the money. It definitely looks worth far more than £3! Grab yours from Aldi.



Is there such thing as too much chocolate? Maybe there is if you’re watching your waist-line! These smaller treats are sure to hit the spot without breaking your scales!

ASDA Jelly Carrots – (£0.89)

ASDA_Jelly Carrots

Have a hopping good Easter with fruity flavoured carrot jelly sweets.

Presentation: Very well presented in a cute, brightly coloured box. Looks more like a special treat than just a packet of sweets.

Taste: Soft jelly sweets that are not too chewy. The first taste is full of flavour although we did feel they had a slightly artificial after-taste. That’s of course coming from the perspective of an adult and since these are clearly aimed at children (who seem to be much more inclined to like artificial flavours) we aren’t so sure they would notice.

Value for money: Less than £1 seems pretty reasonable for this little extra Easter treat, you get a good number of gummies in each box and the packaging makes the whole thing look a bit more special than just a bag of sweets.


ASDA Jelly Fried Eggs – (£0.89)

ASDA_ Jelly Fried Eggs

Have a cracking Easter with orange flavoured fried egg jelly sweets.

Presentation: Again well presented in a cute, brightly coloured box. Looks more like a special Easter treat, rather than just a packet of sweets.

Taste: These are very much like your average fried egg jellies in flavour but softer which we liked a lot.

Value for money: £0.89 is pretty reasonable for an Easter treat. We’d say this is good value for money.



So, you’re bored of chocolate or you don’t actually like chocolate (weird), here are some Eastertastic alternatives to traditional chocolate Easter eggs.

HARIBO CHICK’N’MIX (£2 at Homebargains)

Haribo Chick n Mix

Updated for 2019, HARIBO Chick ‘n’ Mix is a cute gift box filled with TangfastChicks, Starmix’s favourite Egg, Jelly Bunnies and Spring Time Friends – tweet, tweet!

Presentation: This cute, chick-shaped gift box filled with jelly sweets looks great and the bright bold colours and fun design are sure to please any little one.

Taste: We all know and trust Haribo for quality and these sweets are no exception.

Value for money: At £2 this is just right as a present for kids that you know love Haribo (and who doesn’t!).


HARIBO BUNNY ‘N’ FRIENDS (£1 at Poundland)

HARIBO Bunny 'n' Friends Box

The Haribo Bunny ‘n’ Friends gift box makes a perfect Easter gift, containing cute bunny, sheep and chick shaped sweets all wrapped up in a bunny shaped gift box. A great alternative to chocolate for kiddies who prefer sweeties.

Presentation: Really cute and fun. This Easter treat is packaged in a sweet bunny shaped box which is sure to get your little ones feeling the spirit of the holiday.

Taste: Haribo is renowned for its great quality products and the Bunny ‘n’ Friends box does not disappoint with its gummy sweets that are juicy and full of flavour.

Value for money: At £1 this is the perfect gift for people on a budget. It definitely looks like its worth much more.


ASDA Extra Special Handmade Hot Cross Bun Fudge 150g– (£2)

ASDA Hot cross bun fudge

Not one for too much chocolate? Why not try these decadent, buttery fudge pieces made with zesty mixed peel and cinnamon spice.

Presentation: Nice fancy little gold box. Definitely looks more like it’s from Mark’s & Sparks than ASDA.

Taste: Perfect for cinnamon lovers. Rich and smooth just like fudge should be.

Value for money: You get a good amount for your money – the bag inside is full up with tasty fudge pieces.


Hot Cross Bun Flavour Fudge 150g- (£1.49 at Aldi)

Aldi hot cross bun fudge

Shops are really loving the Hot Cross Bun Fudge this year! Here is Aldi’s offering – This hot cross bun flavour fudge is made with sultanas, lemon and orange peel and cinnamon spice.

Presentation: Nice patterned box with a bag of fudge inside. Looks nicer than just a normal confectionary box.

Taste: We really couldn’t taste the difference between this fudge and ASDA’s. Lovely smooth fudge with a cinnamon kick and juicy currants.

Value for money: The box may not look as fancy as ASDA’s but you’re getting the same amount of fudge for 50p less!



Easter can be a really rubbish time of year if you’re lactose intolerant. Luckily the “Free-from” craze is sweeping the nation and there are increasing numbers of dairy-free Easter eggs for you to try and love.

ASDA Extra Special Free From DAiry Free Belgian Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Vanilla Flavoured Truffles (200g)– (£5)

Easter Eggs - ASDA_Extra Special Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavoured Truffles

Dairy, wheat and gluten free Belgian dark chocolate egg with luxurious cocoa nibs and decadent dark chocolate truffles with vanilla flavoured fondant centres.

Presentation: In keeping with ASDA’s luxury range of eggs, this dark chocolate free-from egg looks just as good as the others.

Taste: Very rich, great if you like dark chocolate, not so much if you prefer milk/white.

Value for money: This egg is smaller than the other £5 ASDA Extra Special eggs which isn’t too surprising since special dietary products are always more expensive to make. In terms of size and quality we think this price is OK.


ASDA Extra Special Free From Easter Egg Selection – (£4.50)


Choc egg with raspberry pieces. White choc egg with vanilla. Dark chocolate egg with cocoa nibs.

Presentation: Really fancy looking! ASDA have taken time to make their free-from range look as good as their other ranges which we like. You wouldn’t even know these were free-from unless you read the label closely!

Taste: We liked the white chocolate egg best as it really tasted like actual chocolate. The dark chocolate was a little rich for us and the milk chocolate was nice but if you don’t like raspberry you might find the freeze-dried berry pieces a little bit sharp.

Value for money: It’s pretty well known that free-from products are marked up from your normal run of the mill foods so £4.50 for THREE eggs seems pretty reasonable to us!


ASDA Free From Choc Easter Bunny – (£3)

ASDA Free From Easter Bunny

Gluten, wheat and dairy free chocolate flavour character.

Presentation: Bright and cheerful. Definitely appealing to young children.

Taste: Actually, pretty good as dairy-free chocolate goes! No artificial scotbloc taste.

Value for money: £3 for 100g did seem a little high to us but the chocolate quality is actually really good for a free-from product and so many shops seem to forget that it’s not just adults that have food allergies/intolerances. We think it’s great that ASDA are thinking about the kids that can’t have dairy/gluten as well as the adults.


Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From White Chocolate Egg 100g – (£3.50)

Easter Eggs - Sainsbury's Free From White Chocolate Egg

An alternative to white chocolate for those who are allergic or intolerant to lactose. Also comes in milk chocolate and strawberry flavour

Presentation: Nice clean graphic on the packaging. This is one of those free-from eggs that suffers from less time taken on design because of the lack of competition. Still looks tasty though.

Taste: Smooth and creamy white chocolate, perhaps a little sweeter than traditional white chocolate.

Value for money: We have found through our years of testing easter eggs that the free-from market is still pretty young especially when it comes to chocolate. Most places only offer limited options and many of these are dark chocolate which isn’t everyone’s favourite. So hats off to Sainsbury’s for creating some alternative flavours. £3.50 isn’t the cheapest egg but to get something a bit different, and still free-from dairy, it’s worth the extra cost.


Rhythm 108 Mini Easter Truffle Eggs – (£1.25 at Sainsbury’s)

Rhythm 108_Swiss Truffle Eggs_Vegan Gluten Free

Rhythm 108, the indulgent and wholesome snack brand, have just released its new vegan and gluten-free treat, Mini Easter Truffle Eggs, available to buy online and in Sainsbury’s stores.

Presentation: Cute little packets that look quite artisan.

Taste: We’re pretty sure it’s almost impossible to make dairy-free chocolate taste like chocolate that has milk in but these eggs come pretty close.

Value for money: For just 6 mini eggs £1.50 felt slightly expensive to us, but the quality of the chocolate is good which is hard to find in dairy-free/vegan products. If you’re a real bargain-hunter then these probably aren’t for you but if you prefer something a little fancy with a home-made sort of feel then these might be what you’re looking for.

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